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01 Jan 2019 19:38 - 01 Jan 2020 08:37 #1 by IsraeliRD
2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong? was created by IsraeliRD
After waiting to PQ to release and turns out it crashed again and then we were disappointed with hPerks abandoning Kurt as he made his own way to become mod, we can now check the previous year's predictions. Discuss HERE only 2018's predictions, be it your own or others and whether they were right or wrong.

Your previous predictions can be found here.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
Last edit: 01 Jan 2020 08:37 by IsraeliRD. Reason: This is 2020 Matan edit to say it's 2018 predictions, not 2017 predictions. Just sayin'.
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01 Jan 2019 19:51 #2 by CylinderKnot
Replied by CylinderKnot on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast predictions:
I will get the blue question mark issues with my custom levels resolved: Stopped caring
I will get Awesome Scores on all the PQ Hunt levels: Completed
I will somehow git gud at multiplayer: Completed

Real life predictions:
I will barely survive my school's block schedule that "will be implemented next year": Not applicable; schedule delayed until after I graduate
I will become more addicted to Tetris: Completed

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01 Jan 2019 19:54 #3 by StrawberryCake
Replied by StrawberryCake on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
-I will finally make a good mod.
-> I didn't, I quit modding a long, long time ago, so no

-I will finally get my youtube channel up to 1k subs.
-> No, I quit my old youtube channel and opened up a new one, so no

-I will finaly enter arena 12 on clash royale.
-> I quit that game a long time ago, so no

-I will finally make a succesfull game.
-> I quit game developing at the same time as I quit modding, so no

-Challanges and Super Challanges will come back from the dead.
-> No, that didnt happend and it wont happend anytime soon

-I will get my lazy ass of my chair and workout to lose some weight
-> This one I acomplished, I lost some weight compared to my old self

-I will do that face reveal that i did not do
-> I did do one, so I acomplished this one too

ball roll to gem and to blue/white pad thingy yes
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01 Jan 2019 19:58 #4 by Yoshicraft224
Replied by Yoshicraft224 on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
-I'll at least beat all MBP and PQ levels lol no
-I'll be older :thinking:
-I might make an actual song instead of just making (mostly meme) mashups Maybe? I mean I remixed quite a few songs so... Eh
-The crashed! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ meme will not crash! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ live long and prosper
-I will become more active on the forums lmao
-I might make some art maybe...? I doubt it but it'd be cool The chans, I guess. I did Teleporter, Transporter, and Easter Egg
-There's going to be another fidget spinner-level cringe meme this year WE LIKE FORTNITE WE LIKE FORTNITE
-New Mario spin-off game probably Also kinda inevitable... Super Mario Party's all I really cared about though.
-PQ will still have it's code that gives it a 99% chance to crash! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ every millisecond you betcha
-CK and I will stop referencing DDLC at literally every possible point to do so It got out of our heads
-Not all of these predictions are going to be right (if they are this just becomes a paradox doesn't it) p̴͋͌̿̑̉ͯ̿̈̓ͨ͏̛̹̥͈̝͈̘͎͖͍̪̪̭̫̙͇͟͡e̵̤͚̣̙̻͔̹̭̗͖̞͙͍̥̘͚̤̬̽̈̄̍̓̌̉͌̋͛͒̀͟͟͠ŗ̩̭̗̺̫̖̩̣̥͍͐̊ͤ͐́̾ͣ̏ͯͨͭͪ͌͑̚͟ͅh̨̧̘̞͚̜̮͓̣̺͚̫͎̗̉ͤ͌ͤͦͥ͂͑͛ͤ͞͝a̶̳̬͖̗̻͚̹̬̭̙̖̟̬̘̪̞̝ͩ͊͐̾̿̀͘p̵͔̣͕̩̥̫̝̰̬̼ͪ̾̓̀s̶̢̨̟̻̙͖̞̜̮̯̝̝̓͊͗̆͒ͬ́͡

Creator of the WR paths for Child's Play's NE and Off Kilter. #OhBoyFreeAM!
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01 Jan 2019 20:02 #5 by Nature Freak
Replied by Nature Freak on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
I will register a time on every level on the leaderboards.
Haha nope, I kind of stopped playing anything that wasn't MBG but this would still be a good goal maybe.
I will actually really beat all the Ultimate Times, including PQ plus the Bonus levels (although that might be a bit unrealistic).
I guess I really only care about MBG at this point because I didn't do this either.
I will buy at least two new sweaters.
Well, I mean... I got some sweaters from my grandmother that I won't wear... Does that count?
Xelna will appear at least once on the leaderboards, but it won't be until at least May.
I think this happened but I'm not quite sure.
MBP WRR 3 will be completed and release in late February, a few months after the original deadline.
It was completed, but didn't release until much later.
Rosie will continue to be one of the most active members of the community.
Very true.
I will introduce one of my friends to Marble Blast.
Not really—a couple people have seen me playing it but that doesn't count.
I will be less active in the community and not really participate much, caring more about the game than I do about the happenings in the server. I will still talk to some of you in direct messages though.
Spot on.
I will never really stop playing MBG.
Took a break from it for three months after getting Darwin's Dilemma 3.848, but as I knew would happen before long I gravitated back toward the game in October.
MBG WRR 5 will finally gain some attention, and I will beat Rosie's record on Mudslide, as well as taking Tower Maze and Platform Party.
Rosie had the record on Mudslide? Oh well, all I have is 9.54. No about Tower Maze and Platform Party, although I am still occasionally playing Tower Maze (I got 5.56 just yesterday in fact).
I will make a custom level.
Wow I had unrealistically high expectations. No custom levels here.
I will get a 3 on AP Physics and AP English Literature and a 4 on AP Calculus, despite thinking wholeheartedly that a 2 for Physics was headed my way.
3 on English Literature, but 5 on the others.
I will finish off senior year of high school doing well in my class, cry shamelessly on the last day of chorus, and go to college in August without a clue as to what I am going to do and promptly panic for two and a half weeks.
I did not cry on the last day of chorus but I cried after graduation. College was fine I guess. I didn't really panic but I felt constantly sick to my stomach for about five weeks at the beginning of the semester due to anxiety. I did cry on the ride back home after the semester was over though, more than I have in many years.
I will not meet any fellow Marble Blast players in real life. I will also most likely not even do any video calls. I will not become any more comfortable about revealing my face.
True, mostly true about the last part because I think some people have seen my face so whatever. Still not going to make it public though because there is no reason to.
I will realize that it's okay to feel proud of myself and I will somewhat get over my fear of sounding like I'm bragging and I will be slightly more adept at socializing.
I guess? I think college helped a bit with this.
I will not be in a relationship because I will still be too scared.
True, although I'm less scared than I was at the beginning of this year.
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01 Jan 2019 20:07 - 01 Jan 2019 20:13 #6 by Nockess
Replied by Nockess on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast
I will still be in the top 3 on the overall leaderboards by the time 2018 ends.
Yup. Second place. +1

I will have at least five world records in MBG by the time the rampage gets finished being worked on, if it gets done this year in the first place.
Winding Road, MSQ, Hoops, Space Slide, Money Tree, TFM, GDR, Scaffold, Daedalus, and Under Construction. 10 is a nice round number and it's more than 5. +1

I will finally win a tournament. Doesn’t matter which one; I’m just going to win.
Second place in back-to-back tournaments and losing to the same guy. Hilarious. +0

I’ll somehow get the inspiration to make more levels.
This actually happened. Wow. +1

Eguy and I will release our next co-op project.
Kind of half and half. It was never finished, but it got released. +0.5

I will get ultimate time on the custom levels in packs 30-39 that I still have to complete in the first place.
And it put me at the top of the custom leaderboards! +1

I will be the first to get all 138 awesome times in PQ.
Damn, what an accomplishment. +1

Either Andrew or Dushine will return to the community or at least say hello to everyone.
May the country music and the African rest in piece in this community. +0

Xelna will not return to play PQ.
He did not return to my knowledge. What a shame. +1

6.5/9 - Pretty decent.

Personal Life/Miscellaneous
My soccer team will win the league and I’ll score more than once in the entire season.
We didn't finish at the top of the league but we won the city tournament. I scored sometime in the middle of the season and the winning goal in the final. Go me! +1 (I'm counting this one.)

I will have a meet-up with Eguy this summer when he comes to Seattle in June.
It totally happened, and it was great! +1

I’ll find some inspiration and encouragement to create and publish more music like I’ve wanted to do for a while now.
Nnnnnnope. +0

The Sounders will win the MLS cup this year for the second time, and if that doesn’t happen, they’ll finish the regular season at the top of the league.
Neither happened, but oh my word we're totally set up for next season. +0

I will finally get myself a girlfriend.
It happened in the cheesiest way ever and it was one of the best 9-month periods of my life. Disappointing that it had to come to an end, but I couldn't have asked for a more peaceful breakup. +1

Jeff said if that happens, I’ll get laid. (Yes, 16 is the age of consent in Washington.)
Didn't get laid, but totally could have if we didn't make a mutual decision to not have that happen. +0

joj +0.5

I’ll finally convince my Dad to get a smartphone.
Like that's ever gonna happen lmao +0

Eguy will get a better computer.
I think he does have a better computer that he's used before, but he owned it pre-2018. +0.5

I will continue to work at my karate school.
And I'm having one hell of a time! +1

I will earn my Eagle Scout.
January 20th. +1

6/11 - The stuff that did work out was fantastic. Not disappointed with this.

Grand Total: 12.5/20
Pretty good year despite the low score. Let's hope for a rock-solid 2019.

First player ever to get all of the Awesome Times.
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01 Jan 2019 20:21 #7 by Nutmegg
Replied by Nutmegg on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Notably correct guesses

"-There's going to be another fidget spinner-level cringe meme this year"- Yoshicraft
"Someone will make an "I'm leaving the community" post
A major salt explosion will happen"- Derpking
"- GarageGames comes outta no where and announces MBG 2
- Undertale 2 will be announced." Dodokiller (More or less correct on both accounts)
"The MB discord server will reach 200 members. PQ will be streamed by someone more popular than any of us."- hPerks
"I will get at least 1 MBG world record."- DKman
" MBP WRR #3 gets released, and progress on a new WRR is happening. Hopefully MBG/Nest Egg/Easter Egg ones. - I might help develop a new game, don't know if it'll finish but it should have some solid progress. - Fubar is RIP!" Matan
"One or more staff members leave the community." Threefolder
"- I will be the first to get all 138 awesome times in PQ."- Nockess
"At least one additional member of the community comes out as furry, and at least one furry from outside the community is dragged into the community by other furries. "- Whirligig
"-I may possibly be able to reach 130,000,000 rating"- Xedron

Notably Incorrect Guesses
"Fubar will be relaunched in Q2!
Level Packs 50-59 will be released in March."[email protected]
"- Jeff makes and cancels ... hm let's say... 3 marble games this year"-Higuy
"'Nobody' will be unbanned and given another chance."- Threefolder
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01 Jan 2019 20:57 - 01 Jan 2019 22:19 #8 by Mike
Replied by Mike on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Honestly, I wish I made more optimistic predictions. Around the time I wrote these, I was dealing with issues relating to self-hate. Thankfully, people like hP and MBC helped me deal with these problems and helped me develop myself into becoming a better person. thank you guys so much ily <3

Anyways, let's just see what lil' ol' 2017-me had to predict.

- I never to get to any WRR.

Let's admit it, I never stood a chance. It's extremely difficult to get a world record from people who have more experience, dedication, and time on their hands. At least I tried...

- I don't meet anyone in the MB community IRL.

I got to meet both Eguy and Rosie. They're great people and I'm so glad that I actually got to see them! :D love you two. thanks for everything <3

- I fail my Programming 10 course.

I got C+. No, not the language; that was my mark.

- I probably suffer from three nervous breakdowns (every month).

Thank god this didn't happen.

- I have five more MRSA attacks.

Lost track. Pretty sure it's more than five. I've had MRSA so many times that I can't feel the pain of having it anymore. Yeah, that's right! I AM IMMORTAL! I AM A GOD!

- The world ends (hopefully).

Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah

*deep breath*


- The "side effects" wear off.

I have no idea what I'm even talking about here.

- I make MBReleasio compilations.

yes 8)

i also started a fuckton of drama pls dont hurt me

- Jerry still doesn't give up.

You know what? He never did.
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01 Jan 2019 21:02 #9 by Three
Replied by Three on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast

I'll make and release at least four levels.

Do Mysteriocean, Rink Ring, Triskelion, Sling Stunts, and All Downhill From Here count? +1

I'll still be involved with the community, but not quite as much.

Not much to really say here +1

PlatinumQuest stops updating, save for Winterfest, Frightfest, and other potential events. Final version number is 2.6.X.

We've had no major version updates in a while and reached the end of our development timeline, but the game's current version is only 2.3.20 so... +0.5?

An old staff member comes back to play PQ's finished form.

Phil came back at the very least so +1

The website will go down at least once due to server overload, IE someone popular streaming PQ

I don't think this happened, did it? +0

One or more staff members leave the community.

hPerks will never read this +1

Jeff tries and fails to make another marble game.

Free point +1

There will be at least one "finished" noob mod, and at least five failed noob mods.

Definitely got the five failed noob mods, but I don't remember if any of them were finished. +0.5

'Nobody' will be unbanned and given another chance.

lol nah +0

Other Stuff

I'll pass every class in the spring and fall this year with at least a C+.

Yep +1

I'll finally take driving lessons and get my license.

I took some driving lessons but I don't have my license yet. Hated the instructor. +0

I won't get a job over the summer, but I'll be bugged endlessly about it.

Pretty much +1

Democrats will win the House but not the Senate in the November election. I'll actually be able to vote because I'm 18 yet.

I must be psychic +1

Trump will not be impeached, but there will be more damning evidence revealed.

I don't think much has changed regarding that whole situation, but he's unfortunately still there so +0.5

Total: 9.5/14

Follow me on twitter at @threefolder
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01 Jan 2019 21:29 #10 by Derpking
Replied by Derpking on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
My predictions

I will meet another community member in person (excluding Whirligig)

✅ I met Jeff, Jojo, and Lambencee in person this year! Most importantly, Jeff and I went out to the bar together.

A new MBG mod will be announced and released

✅ Gerson's Level Compilation 3! Marble Blast STOP II also released this year after its announcement last year.

Someone will make an "I'm leaving the community" post

✅ Okay, okay, I basically cheated with this one.

A major salt explosion will happen

✅ There were several of these, but the biggest one that came to mind was when hPerks left the server and rejoined later just to post an inflammatory message in #politics-and-news.

At least one community member who joined before 2018 will get banned (either temporarily or permanently)

None of those people are Jojo

❌ I don't remember this happening, thankfully. Jojo wasn't banned, but he left :(

Jeff will start and cancel another major game project

✅ RIP JeefCraft

Jeff will still be trying to optimize TorqueScript in Torque3D

✅ He upstreamed some TS interpreter changes, so I'm gonna say this is a yes.

Jeff will get laid...by another community member (and no Jeff I'm not suggesting it will be me)

❌ Poor Jeff

Savage will try to retaliate for his ban again. Bonus points if it's another Discord raid.

❌ Nope. His YouTube channel seems to be doing well, though.

I will still have at least a 2:1 thank-yous-to-posts ratio by the end of the year

✅ Yep, I have 376 thank-yous and 177 posts at the time of writing this.

Trump will mention PQ in a tweet

❌ Surprisingly this did not happen, so have a meme instead

People will still be spamming "u" and "joj" on the Discord in December


Total Score: 8/12

"You know you've spelled something wrong when the only search results are Jeff convos" - HiGuy
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01 Jan 2019 22:04 #11 by Xedron
Replied by Xedron on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
-Me and Rosie will still be trading first place overall by next year

Not really, but +0.5

-I will reach 30 WRs in PQ before PQ WRR becomes a big thing and people take all of them

Pretty much, +1

-Xelna's times on Ramp Matrix, Survival of the Fittest and Will o' the wisp will get beaten from WRR 5 hypp

Yup, +1

-I may possibly be able to reach 130,000,000 rating

And now 140,000,000 rating may be possible, +1

-Some people that I predict will become world class players in 2018: August, MBOUltimate, Zavist, Tue27

MBOUltimate is pretty accurate, but the others became pretty inactive...so.. +.25?

-I will get under 15:30 in MBG

14:49, +1

-I will get under 45:00 in MBP

39:29, +1

-I will get under 8:30 in MBU

8:16, +1

-I will get under 100:00 in PQ (the amazing sub)

97:09, +1

-I will get under 135:00 in Custom

Beaten by almost 20 minutes lmao, +1

-I will have three or more WRs in the MBG WRR 5

13 right now, +1

-I will find a way to bring Water World down to 4/3.9 seconds (without time restarting)

Yeet, 3.7 actually, and thanks to a tweak by Nockess, +1

-Kalle will actually try getting more PQ/Custom rating and shoot up in overall ratings


-Only five people will complete all awesome times in PQ.

Me, Nockess, Tue, Battlecube, MBC, but some people are very close to it currently, +1

-I will get a new computer and will be able to play anything at a good FPS in PQ

Yeah, and my videos are no longer potato quality, +1

-Me, Rosie and possibly hPerks will join Battlecube by completing all ultimate times in the game

Me and Rosie did but hperks left cuz noob, + .666, hooray for fractions

-I will reach 3500 hours online on the LBs

Very close, 3419 hours, but +0

-I will maintain my current post/thank-you ratio (honestly who even gives a shit)

I have made barely any posts this year so by default +1

-I will reach a hundred subscribers on Youtube

My steady grind of one subscriber a month was not enough to reach the amazing goal everybody tries to reach, +0

-50-59 releases in June and hPerks gets a huge raise in general rankings because his times are too fucking good

Nope, +0

-My life will overall be better than last year, which was better than the year before that.

Pretty much yeah, I keep my real life mostly away from here but it's been a lot better this school year, transferring to a private school was one of the best decisions of my life, +1

-I will raise my average in Humanities to an A by the end of the next semester,

Ended up averaging at an 88 lmao me dum dum +0

-I will keep all my friends I have this year and not do anything stupid.

I pretty much did, and thankfully a lot of them stuck with me when I left the school I was at. +1

Overall: 17.416/24, not bad, pretty much all of the predictions that I REALLY wanted to achieve happened. I'm happy that at this point I don't have to look back and cringe at my predictions for the future like I had to in 2017/2016.

"cna you salt spalt the slevel salt of 6 year salt who ca salt the lsat" - nobody, 2017
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01 Jan 2019 22:25 #12 by [email protected]
It is time to sum up things
I'll list the meaning of colors here if someone doesn't quite get it.
Warning: Spoiler!

Marble Blast
  • Fubar release in Q2 - didn't happen, sadly.
  • Level Packs 50-59 release in March - again, didn't happen.
  • Making a level topic - nope. Not enough motivation, also other stuff getting in my way.
  • MBP time improvement - nah. I focused more on PQ this year but in Q4 I became less active.
  • Finishing every official level with a UT - see above.
  • Top 10 in PQ - see "Making a level topic".
  • Top 25 in General - see above. Also I'd now have to grind until I get at least 82 million rating (+7 million compared to last year).
  • Top 3 in a tournament - I think I should reiterate this, but yeeeeah, this did happen. 2 times in the Semi-Finalists' spot this year.
  • 1000 hours on the LBs? Check, though this isn't too important.
    Even though 2018 was by far my best year in MB, I'm still let down by not completing most of these goals.
Personal stuff
  • First summer holidays abroad - delayed until next Summer, but it's going to be a big one.
  • More activity on forums... there was some activity, I think.
  • Activity in voice chat - none.
  • Taking breaks from games - I wish I could focus more on school.
The opposite of how I feel about 2018 in MB. Enough said...

PC and Mobile Industry
  • Samsung and its competition - The Galaxy S9s were a minor improvement, but still something. Also there is indeed more competition these days.
  • OnePlus launching another flagship phone besides 6/6T - didn't happen, but it didn't need to. The 6T became one of the best budget performers. No laptop, but whatever.
  • HTC's earnings - sadly, even worse than the years before.
  • 21:9 screens on phones - not quite there yet, but it doesn't matter that much for smartphones imo. The closest to this is Huawei's Mate 20 Pro with a ratio of 19.5:9
  • Mac Pro rumors - Q4 was the time for rumors on this one.
  • Intel's Cascade Lake-X - official info is yet to be shown...
  • Intel doing an oopsie with a consumer-grade CPU for X299 - not quite, but there were a couple of misses. We live in the times where the i7 isn't hyper-threaded anymore... Also, rebranding a 6th gen. CPU as a refinement of a 7th gen. one and then selling as a 9th gen.? DEFINITELY a skip for me.
  • Nvidia's latest GPUs - sike, it's Turing. Marginal improvement and a technology (RTX) in its infancy. Also skipping this one...
    Also there's the Titan RTX for the affluent... Yay, I guess?
  • AMD's 2nd gen CPU series - Ryzen 2 released on April and it was another great bang for the buck. So was Threadripper 2, but released on August. Fair enough.
  • DDR5 RAM in July - nope, but today's hardware might not use its full potential yet, anyways.
  • Global shortage of DRAM - THANK LORD it's not the case in 2018. The prices even dropped!
It was a bumpy ride for tech in general with some oopsies I'd rather not have seen or been disappointed by. But hey, at least I had good guesses this time.
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02 Jan 2019 01:13 - 02 Jan 2019 01:17 #13 by Eclipsia
Replied by Eclipsia on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Red text = No
Orange = Sorta
Green = Yes
Marble Blast Predictions :
- I'll make it into the Top 100 (probs not) - Currently in the top 85.
- I'll get into the top 10 of MBU Extreme Skiing, Currently Top 35. - never happened :(
- 2 wrr's will get released.- sorta, mbp wrr3 and idk if pokko's wrr counts.
- For April Fools day. Every level on the online leaderboard / server will get replaced with a level titled - Monkey Nudes, and when you start the level you'll be greeted with bananas.- wtf did I think that was gnna happen.
- I will meet a Marble Blast player from New Zealand (I'm from there). - I met a fan of MBG in my year group at school.
- PlatinumQuest 2.6.9 will come out in September - we only at 2.3.21
- I will have beaten at least all the levels from either MBG or MBU.- did that in the first quarter of the year.
- GarageGames comes outta no where and announces MBG 2. - Marble It Up! sorta counts.

IRL Predictions :
- I will not fail a test/exam. - No tests/exams failed.
- I'll participate in another sport other than the one I'm already doing. So then I don't sit on my butt farming PQ rating. - Nope, just Golf still.
- Maybe start a Marble Blast club within my school or in the community :L - Sadly no.
- I will meet my IRL friend who I have been talking to since 2014. (He has also played PQ) - Sadly no, I also meant online friend but whatever it's been a year.
- I hope to stay in the highest form of class in my year group at school. - Our class managed to stay in within the top 2 classes, so I would count that.
- Achieve 80% or above on my art/music tests/exams. - Full marks on the assessment we did I think.
I don't really have many irl goals/predicitons tbh.

MISC Predictions :
- New Zealand's flag will change. - I didn't.
- osu! will become a M rated game. - It didn't.
- Donald Trump will die from a suicide bomber. - That didn't happen either.
- Rosie will get a tattoo of the PQ logo on his arm :V - Confirmed by Rosie (Nockess) not to happen a few days after I put up my predictions.
- I will donate $5 through the MB website, so that this game can be further supported. - I did manage to donate $5 this year, currently at like $7.
- The UK will change it's currency. - Not sure about that one.
- We will find a flat earth in other solar system. - Nope.
- North Korea will experience a national depression. - That didn't happen.
- The word of the year will be "tryhard" - According to Oxford Dictionary's the WOTY was youthquake.
- New Zealand will get their own osu! team. - Sadly no, I wish tho.
- Undertale 2 will be announced. - Deltarune happened
- The Nintendo 64 Classic Edition will get announced. - Sadly no.
- My Youtube channel will hit 500 subs. (here it is btw: www.youtube.com/channel/UCuB1vNOeds4B-eo5lidF_BQ ) - That didn't happened, I hit 200 subs though (losing quite a few atm).
- There will be a rave on the moon. - It didn't happen.
- Twitter will get shut down by hackers. - Can't remember if hackers took down the network/platform, I don't think so.
- And finally if our family won the lottery and I got a share of it, I would donate $100 NZD through the MB website. - Sadly no, I would also change the amount from $100 to $1k if it did happen tbh.

My MB and IRL predictions were pretty good but none of the MISC predictions happened except for one sorta.
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02 Jan 2019 01:22 - 02 Jan 2019 01:28 #14 by Weather
Replied by Weather on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Behold, another oversized post!

1. I will at least mostly finish the first three chapters of a large story.
Been making progress in the past two months and also started writing another idea, but no.
2. A new friend will move into the house next door.
The house was sold last Thursday soooo . . . not quite yet?
3. My first YouTube video will be at least halfway done.
roffle . . . I'll be working on it again after I finish something for someone else, so at least I haven't abandoned it.
4. Two features in The Lake Below will be dropped due to unfixable bugs and I'm going to be really flipping annoyed about it.
I . . . don't think so, actually, WOW HIGUY LOOK AT THIS.
5. I will make around five songs.
Still on the first one. Not going badly if you ask me, though. Just slowly.
6. I'm going to get a colored name. Maybe.
Nope, it's still . . . colored . . . an arbitrary color.
7. I will be disappointed at how few predictions I made.
What disappoints me is how many I got wrong.
8. I will make a program that converts keyboard input into either my own writing system or the IPA.
9. My streak on Khan Academy will surpass three hundred days.
Oh well. 162 right now.
10. I will have completed around eighty-five percent of the mathematics skills on Khan Academy.
It would be one hundred percent if it weren't for what I think is a bug. Wowee.
11. I will have around three million seven hundred thousand points on Khan Academy.
3,988,000 right now, so uh . . . no?
12. There will be an announcement regarding Marble Blast Fubar before May.
Well, there's this , but it was posted in June.
13. I won't have any major health issues.
doot this one was probably easy

Two correct. SAD!
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02 Jan 2019 02:02 - 02 Jan 2019 02:03 #15 by Steven
Replied by Steven on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
  • I will be re employed (didn't happen)
  • The Yankees will win the World Series (not only did they not make it to the World Series, their arch rivals, the Red Sox, won)
  • Bob Barker may pass away (we certainly lost a lot of famous people in 2018, but fortunately, Bob Barker was not one of them)
  • Democrats will regain the Senate (they didn't regain the Senate, but they did regain the House despite Republican gerrymandering)
  • The Golden State Warriors will win another NBA title (once again illustrating the lack of parity in the NBA)
  • I will make an attempt to push for a colored username on the Marble Blast forums (though probably not actually get it) (Tried it, didn't come close)
  • My family may begin preparations to move out of the state (we did, but cancelled them partway through)
  • The Raiders will make the next NFL playoffs (not only did they not make the playoffs, but they were one of the NFL's worst teams this year)
  • One of my family members will have a health scare (believe it or not, my memory isn't too good with these things, though I think my stepfather may have had at least one, and at least one relative of one of my relatives had a major one)

If there's a bug, YO! I'll report it!
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02 Jan 2019 04:53 #16 by Isoplere
Replied by Isoplere on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
1. I will catch Mew in Pokemon GO this year, completing the Kanto Pokedex.
I caught Mew and it's a staggering 98% IV! +1

2. I'll finally visit my online friend, Tegan, this year.
Didn't happen. Almost did. +0

3. I will begin working again in retail. (emphasis: AGAIN.)
Yep. Quit for the holidays, but going back into it. +1

4. (I'll count.) I will have Thai Food from my local restaurant 100 times, at least, this year.
I counted 74 times. Not quite. +0.5 because surpassed 50 times.

5. I'll have a new car sometime this year. (Planning on the Camaro or an old awesome 3000GT VR-4.)
I have a new car, but it's not a stupid Camaro and I don't like VR-4's anymore. Saturn Sky anyone? +1

6. I will have one trace, and no more of the common cold this year.
Yes, this actually happened. Just one. +1

7. I will visit New Zealand or some other place where Relicanth is - a Gen 3 Regional in Pokemon GO.
This did not happen. I got Relicanth in a trade, though. It was lucky! +0

8. This year, I will have at least five romantic encounters.
Thank god that didn't happen. +0/b]

9. I predict my first crush ever from 5th grade and I will somehow magically get together and support each other. (I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope so.)
Almost been a year with her now and thinking about living together in our future! +1

- I will finish Marble Blast STOP II this year. (Specifically: June 17th, 2018)
July 6th. It was rushed, but it did get a release this year. +0.5 for "this year"

- PerishingFlames will appear somewhere in Marble Blast.
I do not recall this happening. +0

- My mod, MBSTOP II, will have between 100 and 150 "texturing errors," found by the community upon release.
Surprisingly had little texturing errors, but some were pointed out. +0

- Rosie will break two Marble Blast Gold World Records. (It can't be his own.)
This was obvious. +1

- Marble Blast STOP II will not be the only "completed," user-non-official mod this year.
Apparently, this is so. Marble Blast Evil, anyone? +1

- I will reach 500 posts this year or more. (trying again!)
Due to the whole MBStop II stream scandal I've been avoiding the forum mostly. +0

- The user, "SAVAGE," will cheat, hack, etc. Marble Blast. (He's banned, but could do it again.)
I didn't follow up on this. +0

A. Pokémon GO will release every single Shiny Pokemon except for Legendaries. (seriously, that will bring old and new players to the game, because everything will have meaning to encounter.)
Well, lots of shinies were released but not all of them. +0

B. The Raid Group I run in my state will reach 500 people. (that would be INSANE.)
600 members! +1

C. ROBLOX will be sued for whatever reason this year.
Didn't happen. Almost did. +0

D. IsraeliRD (Matan) will not stream all the levels of my Modification.
Yes, this happened. I still need an apology for the rudeness in the stream. +1

E. I will complete an 100% File of Super Mario Odyssey. (let's see how this goes.)
Lost interest. +0

F. Added to that, Nintendo releases Super Mario Sunshine II this year. (PLSSSSSS?!?!!?!?!?!?!)
Sadness. This didn't happen and it was obvious it wouldn't. +0

I. In 2018, we will actually not have a record breaking year of heat.
Damn it. Broken again. +0

S. 2018's word of the year will be "hopeful/ambitious/inspirational". (/ means or)
It wasn't. Justice was the word of the year. +0

R. I will adopt a new cat this year.
Am now starting to think I'm happy this didn't happen. Savage little beasts. +0

A. More Robots will be created, tested, and released into the world to truly begin the Robot Revolution.
The first part is certainly happening - more robots and automation. +0.5 for half correct

E. This year I will keep, encounter and make a total of AT LEAST 15 real life friends in my community.
Yes! This happened! +1

L. IsraeliRD will make a new Marble Blast Rule that suggests if you obtain a World Record but didn't wash your hands with soap and hot water at least once before obtaining the World Record, it won't count and he will ban you.
But how could he prove that you washed your hands or not? +0

I. My confidence will be boosted at an all-time-high this year, and I'll talk to random people in coffee shops out of the blue.
Oh yes. It happened. +1

R. I will receive 200 Thank You's this year. (get started please, I need to be right.)
Ouch. I'm not thanked enough. +0

D. IsraeliRD will notice and post what I did with the lettering.
He didn't post. But did he notice? +0 (will change to 0.5 if he noticed)

total: 17/29

Isoplere - Marble Blast Modder; getting better day by day, update by update.
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02 Jan 2019 09:00 #17 by RandomityGuy
Replied by RandomityGuy on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
So lets see my predictions for 2018 and check if they went right or wrong:

- Actually not forget that the time capsule exists (unlike last time) and don't leave.

Im still here, just busy. ✔️

- Get like two more awesome times/scores or maybe another one

I got quite a few of them in 2018,
I have about 10 of them. ✔️

- Finish up that new map maker /w converter.

Its nearly done and it works reliably. But not finished. ✖️

- Make a mini-mod? Or atleast a level pack that has custom mechanics.

Nope, was busy with that map maker. ✖️

- Complete MBG 100% gold and beat hypercube's gold time
- Beat some of those MBP 'ultra course' experts.
- git gud

I have a coloured name now, these predictions. I underestimated my skill. ✔️

- Get 80% or above in school.

77% because of other subjects im terrible at ✖️

- Learn C# a bit better.

I'm 80% pro in C# now.✔️

- Learn more about 3D vectors.

The amount of 3d math that went into that mb map maker im making, its so much and complicated as well. ✔️

- My friend will quit making me download minecraft vids.

He now does it himself. ✔️

- I get a new PC (maybe?)

Nope. ✖️

- Something related to Fubar will be announced

IIRC, nothing major about it was announced ✖️

- PQ custom levels will be added in LBs

Nope ✖️

- PQ will get an improvement update that adds tiny bits of useful stuff.

It did get some improvement updates, but they were more of bugfix ones. Bugfix = less crash = pq improvement. So.. ✔️

7/13. Hmm

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04 Jan 2019 10:38 #18 by RDs.The-dts-guy
Replied by RDs.The-dts-guy on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Well then I really hoped more things would happen which they did but not related to timecapsule in any way. Still pretty neat.


I'm just a smidge more optimistic about this year.
So here it goes.

It's okay man, we know youre depressed but hold on tight.

Marble land.
-2 new levels for PQ (I'm that optimistic) Nopedy nopedy nope nope nope not a single one
-PQ slowly dieing Well you judge it yourself but i say ever since MIU released it's pretty much held by discord flexglue. I still love you guys though :)
-Will do some new shapes for events Nada, 0 also my SSD died midrun and i havent reastablished blenderp
-I will still hang around community Yep, but mostly because i like talking to people and posting memes instead of playing the game
-Some dude gets kicked from community Somebody got kicked but honestly highlight of this year is people kicking themselves and then coming back

-That huge railways system in mooncraft i was talking about for 7 YEARS ALLREADY Did it in jeffs jeejcraft server but not as big as wanted and it was still unfinished. The memory buffer was cool doe.
-Me playing less games Yes, very proud of myself
-Gonna get over it I didn't finished the game, however I did sortof got over some people.

-Will do some progress on Tesla Coil school project We lost competiton for funding HOWEVER all of that money went into same electronics lab that I work in so win-loose sortof situation
-5 small electronics projects DONE 3 or 4 done. can show some real quick:

-Wristwatch DONE Nope, not even electrical schematic :/
->2 Units sold Nope
->+50$ per unit earned Nope
-I will remove one bad habbit Being overprotective 70%ish done
-New car (Audi Coupe) That will not be total moneysponge HAHAHAHAH, only now I have money to get it. What I have now is this:

-Nurburgring Done (even if I have to drive with non turbo 2.3NG engine) It's sad it's not even funny, money was big reason why not
-Uni done (with bachelors paper) FUCK nope, however im doing it this semester
-Faternity Part 1 done YES
-Half good job (full time) <Can't be any more accurate, job is fun, worktime is shit (9-9 every day), also eats lotof nerves
-Gonna meet someone from or not from forums (discord) Saddly no, and this year looks just as deppressing, however I still hope to meet kalle this year
-Something big will happen. Lost my V card (not proud), had 2ish shitty relationships, recently met girl that actually seems to like me for who I am (makes no sense but allright life lets see what you got in store). Met LOTS of new people. Payed most of debts. Returned to church. Did awesome trips.

Some guy that does DTS shapes and levels.

AWESOME time HINT : When making PQ level place your custom interiors and textures in platinum/data/interiors_pq/custom
makes life easier for you and everyone else :)
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07 Jan 2019 23:31 #19 by Marson
Replied by Marson on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

MBP WRR will come out after another delay or two and added insane runs

✔️ This sounds about right

Won't be in the PQ WRR but maybe I'll try

✔️ uh... technically correct

Perhaps improve my Tube Treasure run by less than a tenth of a second

❌ Kalle gave that level the hands

I will release a project early this year

✔️ I did No Jumping II finally

Jeff might actually have an ongoing project

✔️ Probably true, "ongoing" maybe isn't the best word of choice

I'll meet Jeff again? Or maybe someone else?

❌ Jeff doesn't want to meet me again because I'm not old enough to go bar hopping with him

Would be cool if I released that custom level I made in 2013 but realistically I'm going to forget about it again

✔️ That's another project I will probably put off for a couple decades

Release another tribute to jeef drawing (I already have some, just need to dig them up)

❌ I'm a lazy little pinhead

Jeff will make at least one recipe from the jambalaya cookbook I gave him

❌ Jeff only eats like 4 different types of meals so no

I will be 18 (yet)

✔️ Correct!

Graduate with honors!

✔️ Yes, Cum Laude!

Semi-reluctantly choose to attend Ohio State University

✔️ True

Get a girlfriend and break up with her after a few months

❌ I did not get a girlfriend and I did not break up with her

Make friends

✔️ Yes a few

Gain weight (a good thing)

❌ Lost weight :(

Get a job

✔️ Yes, was blessed with the easiest job ever

Do speedruns, maybe get really good at one, or get good at another fighting game

✔️ Did Marble It Up for a little while, also Smash Ultimate

Inactivity will cause me to drop off the local Smash PR but I’ll come back with a vengeance

✔️ I am indeed coming back with a vengeance. Took at least one set off the #1 and #2 players in the region

Pay too much attention to politics

❌ Flexed my white male privilege and paid less attention

Be more confident sometimes

✔️ 'Sometimes' is the key word there

Attend cubing nationals in Utah, and 3 more tournaments on top of that

✔️ Blew this one out of the water. Attended 12 tournaments, 2 of which I hosted!

Podium in 3x3 at least once

❌ Best I did was 5th

14/22 = 64%, a passing grade depending on which grading scale you use
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12 Jan 2019 15:24 #20 by eNetro
Replied by eNetro on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast
I will beat all the Ultimate Times/Scores in PQ CORRECT
I will beat 10 more Awesome Times/Scores in PQ for overall 18 of them INCORRECT
I will get all the Easter Eggs/Nest Eggs in both MBP and in PQ INCORRECT
I will beat at least 75% of the Ultimate Times in both MBU and MBP INCORRECT
I will beat at least 75% of the LB Custom Levels, including the upcoming Level Pack 50-59 CORRECT, although Pack 50-59 has never been released
I will be releasing at least one series of videos on a different mod of MB CORRECT
MBP WRR 3 will be released in late March CORRECT
PQ WRR project will officially start around July INCORRECT
I will participate in the Summer Multiplayer Tournament CORRECT
I will not make it to the final three rounds of 2018 Winter Singleplayer tournament CORRECT
I will do at least one co-op project INCORRECT

HomePod will be released in February CORRECT
entry-level iPad will be updated in March CORRECT
iPhone SE 2 will be announced in March INCORRECT
iPhone 8 and X will be offered in Special Edition Product(RED) PARTIALLY CORRECT iPhone 8 was also offered in Product(RED)
MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac will be updated in June at WWDC INCORRECT
iPad Pro 10.5-inch (2nd generation) and 12.9-inch (3rd generation) will be announced at WWDC INCORRECT
macOS 10.14, iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12 will be announced at WWDC, released in September CORRECT
modular and redesigned Mac Pro unveiled at WWDC, released in December INCORRECT
Apple Watch Series 4 announced in September with another new category of watch bands CORRECT with just updated color options for watch bands
iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus announced in September, iPhone X gets price drop, iPhone 9 with 6.1" LCD replaces iPhone 8/8 Plus PARTIALLY CORRECT
*iPhone Xs and Xs Max replaces iPhone X; iPhone X gets officially discontinued; iPhone XR is offered as a more affordable option out of the flagship models.

I will still be somewhat active in the community throughout this year CORRECT
I will still be somewhat less of a social person in this community CORRECT
I will make one new friend. CORRECT
I'll make at least 3.0 GPA for every semester CORRECT
I'll not find an internship this summer CORRECT

Awesome Hint:

Since the Awesome Time/Score is secret, you will have to beat it in order to find out what it is. Just practice every day, and be ready to keep pressing the 'Restart' button...A LOT!
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16 Jan 2019 19:13 #21 by Joey
Replied by Joey on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Oh how fun! It seems I missed the 2018 time capsule, so I will take this time to reflect on my 2017 predictions and whether they have come true over the past two years...

Seven different strangers will recognize me on the street due to an incidental meet-up we will have made elsewhere.

Not seven, no.

I will meet a stranger and visit his/her house. Then this person will cook for me an authentic Thai dinner.

The former has happened many times. The latter, never.

I will be invited to the 2017 Inaugural Ball, but decline the invitation out of respect.

Wrong. I did attend.

I will fake my death to appease my ex-lover.

I would never do this out of self-respect.

My boss will quit and move to another store, leaving our store in the hands of someone else (probably me).

She was fired. I moved away.

A traffic accident will occur that I will have inadvertently caused, despite being elsewhere at the time of the accident.


I will witness a traffic accident in real-time.


Last year, I crashed the wedding of a customer who had come in to our store that exact same morning. This year, I'll do the same, except this time I will pretend I am the photographer and then leave in the middle of the shoot.

I haven't yet had this much fun, no.

A koala will meet me and we will share intimate eye contact.

Still have yet to meet one.

I will make at least one friend, who will turn out to be one of three things: 1) a spy for the FBI or CIA, 2) a wanted criminal, or 3) a friend of my mom's.

Not that I know of.

A random wrong number will call me, and I'll pretend to be the person of whom they are trying to reach.

This did happen, and she was drunk as hell.

An elderly lady will request my assistance, and I'll respectfully decline by falling on my face.

Of course not. Self-harm is not really my style.

I'll purposefully hurt myself at work and then file an incident report masking my injury as an accident caused by faulty equipment, such that I'll receive workers' comp and be able to take several weeks off.

This could have happened, but I chose not to go down that path.

Down the road from where I currently live, there is a sign that says "Beware: Otter crossing." This year, I will actually see otter cross.

Damn straight.

Jeff and I will not meet this year.


I love you, but your attitude is like that of a shrew. Your options? Take a pill or be my kill. Might I suggest that you wear a vest. Perish in class or be banished to the land of bluegrass, where dreams don't exist as you'll be eternally pissed.
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19 Jan 2019 02:42 - 19 Jan 2019 02:45 #22 by Eguy
Replied by Eguy on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Show up in MBG WRR
Hasn't happened yet but hopefully I'll sneak a run in there (+0)

August pulls a Rozi
He did get a lot better but hasn't been all that active (+0)

Top 3 by 1/1/2019: Xeef, Rosie, Regi
Nope, Xeef, Rosie, BCube (+2/3)

I finish the year 12th place on the leaderboards
13th :angry: (+0)

I make it to PQ experts in the winter tourney
Or just get Tue second's'd instead (+0)

I make the semis in summer tourney
Yah yeet (+1)

Someone attempts to initiate a WRR on a mod that noone expected
Not a mod, but I'll count Pokko's levels cause I'm desperate for points here :P (also yay for this actually releasing) (+1)

Xeef turns in 25 or more WRs on the PQ rampage
PQ rampage? What's that? (+0)

I achieve double digits in PQ WRs
Have less than 10 at the moment but I'm pretty sure I maxed out at 10 at some point in the summer (+1)


I go to Greece again and actually get myself to talk to a girl there
uh lol (+1)

I meet a marble blaster IRL (you betchaaaa)
Not one, not two, but three! @rosie @mike @jiquor ily (+1)

Oakland A's finish above .500 (meaning they win more games than they lose)
Hmm...I'm a die hard fan so this was kinda on the optimistic side after 3 straight last place years...let's see how that went, shall we?
W: L:


I go to at least 5 A's games
Duh (+1)

I enjoy the heck out of my first orchestra season and perform a symphony by a romantic German composer in the fall
Enjoyed, yes. German composer, nope, more Tchaikovsky (which I have no objections to) (+0.5)

I start learning the Mendelssohn cello sonata in D Major
Nope, opted for Brahms and a surprise concerto ;)

I learn to make music using Logic and release at least one non-classical track to the community
Learned it, yep. Have an unfinished 3-minute track lying around tho (+0.5)

I actually go on consistent morning runs
Consistent? Pfft (+0.5)

Final tally: approx. 8/16


"it's the internet eguy. where children are men. men are monkeys, and women are PQ."
-Jeff 2014
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20 Jan 2019 21:41 - 20 Jan 2019 21:42 #23 by HiGuy
Replied by HiGuy on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

Oh hey I'm definitely on time for this one and not late.

Oh how the turntables

We forget to bury this until the day after (freebie)

looks at Matan

PQ probably gets to 2.5.x max, I don't see much else updating except maybe events

2.3.22 because I stopped bumping minor versions for the events. More stuff did happen but it's not super noteworthy

Speaking of events, Aayrl will keep pitching more of them but none will happen

Yes and yes

I discover some major problem in PQ's database design but cbf so it just gets a hacky workaround

Did very little on the DB this year

Bug tracker hits 1300 issues with 150 open.

1177 as of right now but 150 open was accurate

I dunno Derpking, that seems pretty lowball, does it still count if I'm correct?


Jeff makes and cancels ... hm let's say... 3 marble games this year

No marble games but there certainly were a few others

I cancel 0 marble games


Though I probably push a bad PQ patch and break lots of stuff for a few days, preferably NOT before a major event pls

Didn't have many big disasters this year. Three cheers for prerelease build testing!

I completely forget about whirligig's LED grid game console thing


And whirli continues to try but fails to convince me to become a furry

Double yes

Probably spending average 4-8 hours / day on reddit (esp considering we unbury during winter break)


I get a new roommate sometime before the summer, replacing my old one who rushed. They'll probably be fine

lol nope, I was by myself the whole time

Maybe I'll make a backup? Yes both computers. I see you, future me, and I'm judging you really hard right now.

1/2 ... ... ... goddamnit

More CS mentoring in the fall


3/4 As (probably the CS classes)

Also yes

Still don't have an actual keyboard and I keep playing games on my laptop + trackpad

Nope I got one, it's very nice and loud

Probably get Isaac AB+ and do some of that. Guessing total hours played probably 60

75 ish

I find some other game to play too much of (Runescape relapse? OSRS is tempting so we'll see)

Tried OSRS on mobile, phone was too small, RIP. Currently playing too much nuclear throne

I forget some more things and my father gets too nervous (housing, classes, birthdays)

I forget if this happened

Please tell me I got a haircut. Oh god please.


Some sort of food I have spoils and makes a giant mess because I forgot it for too long

Well the takeout in the fridge was fuzzy everywhere but it got contained to the trash can immediately

Summer internship? Summer research <-- Now that's what I'm predicting

You bet

Goodness me it's dark out already

Same tbh

Come up with some little game ideas but don't get very far with them

Very this

At least 2 more MB-related YT videos in the year. At least.

I made 3. I think that counts

Yes Derpking that was a lowball too. Deal with it.

It was accurate

Didn't fix that one big bug in PQ and people are kinda annoyed about it

It was oobfinish for a while, now it's something else that I forget.

This isn't cannon.cs either, Matan. What did you expect?


PQ in a nutshell
function clientcmd12dothepq() {
    commandToClient(LocalClientConnection, '34onthedancefloor');
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21 Jan 2019 21:50 #24 by IsraeliRD
Replied by IsraeliRD on topic 2018 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
So lack of PQ means we lost a super fun freebie, but let's see how I went on the rest:

- I quit working at my current place of work and find a new one.

Correct! To be honest the new place came completely unexpectedly but hey, that works too. Oh, and I joined Marble It Up! (PLOTWIST)

- I will probably go overseas to a previously visited country rather than a new one, unless..
- Aayrl gets married and invites me in which case I'll go. I need a notification months in advanced though!

I ended up visiting both new and old! New is England + Scotland, old is Romania. Aaryl hasn't gotten married yet but a notification in advanced... might be happening...

- I resume my diet and go down 3-5kg at least.
- I finish BL2+TPS again, and probably in two or three walkthroughs for one of them at least. I won't go to level 72 though.
- I might play another game and finish it, or at least two...

I did resume, but only went down 1kg. I started it only in December though so yeah that's a loss.
I didn't finish BL2/TPS but I am progressing slowly. I still plan on doing them!
I also played another game! Broforce was a ton of fun with HiGuy and am looking forwards for more co-ops with him. Also, does it count if I finished Marble It Up!?

- I probably will not resume Hocus Pocus TAS or Theme Park Inc speedrun.

Correct, unfortunately. I did plan on resuming TPI but turns out I need to downgrade, ffs.

- PQ will continue with some updates but they get into long stretches as development is all but finished.
- PQ will continue its non-stop crashing behaviour.
- I might make a new level for this community, but probably won't happen.
- Fubar is RIP!

Correct again on all fronts. Haven't made a level either.

- MBP WRR #3 gets released, and progress on a new WRR is happening. Hopefully MBG/Nest Egg/Easter Egg ones.

WRR #3 did release, and while there is progress it's pretty silent. It's MBG WRR #5, btw.

- I might help develop a new game, don't know if it'll finish but it should have some solid progress.

Marble It Up! came outta nowhere and it did finish.

- Tsuf will continue his unending earth-shattering screams as he pisses my parents and I. He's doing it at this point in writing too. Two years in a row it's amazing it's happening right as I'm writing these predictions again.

Damn man.

- I will buy a new computer as I'm now almost in the 5th year of it (purchased July 2013), so it reached the max cycle time.

Incorrect, and it serves me well. Maybe this year...

- I will probably not forget about the Time Capsule but HiGuy and I will set a reminder anyway.
- New artwork will happen for it, just like 2018's. Maybe not HiGuy this time?

I remembered in December and forgot until HiGuy reminded me 2 days before the unveiling. New artwork did not happen because it happened so late.

- Nothing new on the SDA front. It will probably continue to linger, though.
- This still isn't cannon.cs

Correct on both.

Oh and Matan, it's:
write whatever you want here
and now you can do [.quote] again


Overall tons of correct guessts, if we do markings like everyone else: 15.5/20 ... I'm impressed!

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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