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01 Jan 2017 19:12 #1 by IsraeliRD
2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong? was created by IsraeliRD
After waiting through dank memes for a full year, we can now check the previous year's predictions. Discuss HERE only 2016's predictions, be it your own or others and whether they were right or wrong.

Your previous predictions can be found here.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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01 Jan 2017 19:38 #2 by Ralph
Replied by Ralph on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
My predictions were :

-I will finally be able to play Marble Blast Fubar Right, and I really enjoyed it
-I'm gonna finish my 2nd KWiMB pack WIP, but still got some levels to do and modify
-On a misunderstanding, I can be accepted in the Platinum Team Bruh, that ain't never happening, since I don't have my name colored, so very very wrong here
-I will open a new YouTube channel and get more than 125 subscribers Right, MBSC15 is released, by the way :P
-I will get a girlfriend (with my face, good luck with that) Nah, I'm still 69 feet under the acceptable level of the friendzone
-I will beat the first World Record of my life in an Expert level any level My chances to get a WR has drastically decreased since they are too many people pulling Xelna-ish pathways, so givin' up on that possibility
-And I will get my national baccalaureate diploma which is gonna open some new perspectives in my professionnal life. I failed those exams miserably and I'll pass them this year yet again with no failure accepted

You forget a thousand things everyday. Make sure Marble Blast isn't one of 'em.

On Twitter : @RalphiBoy27
Now on Instagram : ralphfrommb

Ralph's Improved PQ Sound Pack : marbleblast.com/index.php/forum/mbdk-sounds/9663-ralph-s-improved-pq-sound-pack-now-out-for-download#142246
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01 Jan 2017 19:45 #3 by Nockess
Replied by Nockess on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
I will get at least 1 World Record on an official level (not counting Fubar. I already have like 7).
3.109 (Is that right? I don't remember) on Thrill Ride.

I will participate in a World Record Rampage for a Marble Blast mod.
I suppose Marble Blast Ultra could count here?

I will reach 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel.
I believe my current subscriber count is 137.

I will be the first player to reach level 100 in Marble Blast Fubar.
Unfortunately Robert beat me to it.

I will continue to build more levels which gradually get better and better overtime.
I guess that's true.

I will complete and release my upcoming mini mod.
My mini mod was release a little over a week ago. The previous question can also be tied to this.

I will get a colored username.

First player ever to get all of the Awesome Times.
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01 Jan 2017 19:52 #4 by Battlecube314
Replied by Battlecube314 on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Last year's predictions:

I will beat the ultimate time on Moving Platform Master Course.
- Nailed it with 3:51.453
I will reach 80 million rating overall.
- Yes, 91.8 million because of level packs 40-49
I will reach 25 million rating in MBP or finish with total time sub 55:00.
- No, 24.4 million, 55:57
I will reach 12.5 million rating in MBG or finish with total time sub 16:30.
- Didn't get 12.5 million, but 16:28 for MBG
I will reach 6.15 million rating in MBU or finish with total time sub 8:50.
- No, but close (8:52 and 6.11 million)
I will beat all the expert times in Fubar and collect all the tokens.
- Didn't bother trying, don't really care about Fubar
I will have at least 200 videos on my YouTube channel.
- No, only at 105
I will reach either 50,000 total views or 150 subscribers.
- So close, 49482 views. Only 91 subs though
I will begin to build new levels.
- Haven't released anything yet, but I do have a project which I have yet to reveal.
I will gain more achievements in Challenges and Multiplayer.
- Didn't really try. Got a few seasonal achievements though
I will get at least 2 more WR's in official levels.
- Ramp Madness 32.95, King of the Marble 12.89, Skill Zone 37.93, Bumper Training 2.27

Other MB predictions:
PQ will release at the end of the year
- No, but will be released in 2017
At least 3 new PQ features will be integrated into MBP.
- Super Stop for Deceleration Derby, but that's all I can think of
MBF will get at least 40 new levels through its updates.
- I don't know, haven't played MBF in forever.
Quaternion will be completed or in beta.
- It kind of was forgotten, haven't really paid attention to it.
Various other modifications will be started and fail shortly after.
- Yeah, some of them did, don't really know though.

Personal Life:
I will be admitted into a university with a strong mathematics program.
- Yes, I got into UC Berkeley, which is the best public university for mathematics in the entire United States.
I will not get senioritis and get straight A's in my last semester of high school.
- I kind of got senioritis, but somehow got straight A's
I will attain my highest mathematics competition scores this year.
- No, I failed, didn't make it to USAMO. Whatever, that was high school. I think I did well on Putnam at university though.
I will fit in well at my new university.
- First semester was awesome!
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01 Jan 2017 20:29 #5 by Joey
Replied by Joey on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Here we go...

I will sneak into a 21+ nightclub in three different cities.

Only one city, so no.

Four out of the five people who will attempt to kill me this year will regret it.

Didn't ask.

I will not get caught for having done something that would otherwise get me fired.


Nine out of the thirteen crimes that I will witness will involve a questionable substance.

I didn't even witness thirteen crimes, unless you count speeding. Even still, I can't confirm how many of the speeders had questionable substances involved, but likely at least nine of them did. So we'll say this came true.

Four out of the six credit cards that I find will be repurposed, likely used for cleaning.

Just one, actually. But it was a gift card, go figure.

I will be involved in a scandal by accident.


At least two people will thank me for being brutally honest with why their marriage is not working.

Unfortunately no.

I'll move once more, though likely twice due to insurance rates.

This did happen.

I will donate to a charity and then find that the money is being used for unlawful acts, and in which case I will have all perpetrators sent to federal prison.

Haha no.

9/11 times I'll answer my phone; though the other 2/11 times it will be because I don't want to talk to my mother.

It was more the other way around.

I will only be late to work an upwards of six times, although all six times will be due to long nights.

Sort of... I was late far more than six times.

18 different people (of up to 5 different ethnicities) will attempt to steal from me. Only 3 of them will succeed.

The numbers are a little off here.

Out of the 153 people I'll formally meet this year (13 of them will not have names, however), 28 of them will not live to see the next year.

I don't know what I was drinking when I predicted this.

I will help three ladies to their brand new cars, although there will be ulterior motives involved.

Just one, which I remember vividly.

I will watch just twelve sunrises and sixteen sunsets this year (although three sunrises will be on the beach, whilst five sunsets will be duplications of other sunsets).

I really didn't count. But I only watched one sunrise on the beach, so I can safely conclude this did not happen.

In addition to the 8 crimes I will not be convicted of, I will wrongfully get accused of 7 separate shoplifting attempts.

Not 7.

I will live to see the next year.

This appears to be the case.

I will survive a tsunami.

Does a hurricane count?

I love you, but your attitude is like that of a shrew. Your options? Take a pill or be my kill. Might I suggest that you wear a vest. Perish in class or be banished to the land of bluegrass, where dreams don't exist as you'll be eternally pissed.
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01 Jan 2017 21:20 - 01 Jan 2017 21:33 #6 by Lambencee(Aaron_Y)
Replied by Lambencee(Aaron_Y) on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

- FUBAR BETA will release (I win already :D)


- PlatinumQuest will have some sort of release. not a full one, but some kind of teaser will be shown. I think PQ will not release this year in whole, but it could depending on how fast we work.

Well this is basically the insider trading of mod release predictions, I mean he works on the project. So this one doesn't count, nice try. We're not falling for it.

- MBP will continue to be updated to at least 1.73 even though EOL has been announced.

Wrong! While he's doing insider trading, wow... pretty sad Higuy corrected me on this, apparently their version numbers are completely stupid or I'm retarded. Still insider trading, nice try again Jeef.

- I will release an alpha of a new project that I am working on to a select group of people to give me feedback for a future product sometime within Quarter 1 of 2016.

You really thought this would be the year huh? All the years you failed, this would be the one...

- I will actually become a game developer outside of MBP and actually work on projects that could potentially pay me.

LOL, Jeef ever finish a game to get paid for of it.

- I will ban at least 10 more MB accounts before 2017 happens.

He was too weak, in fact he ended up unbanning me. And I'm one of the most toxic members in the history of the community.


- I will meet up with HiGuy again IRL <3<3<3

If they did I never heard about it, probably because I didn't want to hear all the inappropriate stuff they did together.

- I will meet Uil this year IRL somehow even though we are thousands of miles away.

Lome is too swag to meet you

- I will meet Aaron_Y (Marble2) this year somehow.

You couldn't pay like 10 bucks for gas and I wasn't driving up there just to be sexually assaulted by Jeef's tiny body.

- I will meet up with Mason (Nihahhat) again in IRL this year.

I doubt Mason would meet up with Jeef considering how long it took for him to come out of the closet compared to Mason. He probably has no respect for Jeef because of that.

- I will meet joey IRL <3

No idea who this is, so I'm sure it didn't happen.


- Bernie or Hillary will be our next POTUS. A republican WILL NOT win the general election.


- The senate will be taken back by democrats, but the house sadly will not.

Even most democrats didn't think they could get the senate back, a simple look at the seats up would of told you it was pretty much impossible, but that doesn't stop Jeef from dreaming his meme.


Jeef wouldn't of been able to be in love with America again because he would of had a heart attack from the excitement of having a 90 year old man as president.


- I will be a senior in college by the time by autumn 2016

Wow, he got one thing right without completely cheating.

The following is not appropriate for all audiences. Please refrain if you are < 18 years old.
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to hide ]

Warning: Spoiler!

You were sorta close, but oh so far.
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01 Jan 2017 21:43 - 01 Jan 2017 21:44 #7 by Frostfire
Replied by Frostfire on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
All mine except for one were wrong rather sadly
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01 Jan 2017 21:56 #8 by Kalle29
Replied by Kalle29 on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Most of mine were wrong but the most important one wasn't: Trump won. I love you Jeff but you were BTFO'd here.

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01 Jan 2017 22:24 #9 by Nature Freak
Replied by Nature Freak on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

Being 16 years old today, over the next year:
I will mature.
My Marble Blast skill will increase.

Honestly, what more do you need?

Edt by Jeff: merging posts:

Another prediction is that I will surpass Kalle in world records but I will keep it quiet so that he will never know!

"I will mature"... Haha, if this was in May I would have said NO WAY but I feel like I've gotten rather a bit better since then which is good I guess.
Yes, my Marble Blast skill did indeed increase, at least I was able to make it to sixth place in MBG and get a bunch more Ultimate Times.
I did surpass Kalle in world records but they're a bunch of idiotic ones and no, I did most certainly not keep it quiet, so I'm going to call that one untrue.

Warning: Spoiler!
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02 Jan 2017 03:41 - 02 Jan 2017 03:43 #10 by Xedron
Replied by Xedron on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Time to see my cringey 13 year-old self...

Marble Blast Related

"-PQ will still not be out" Correct, but pretty expected.

"-Fubar will have 120 levels" Hahahaha, keep dreaming...

"-Kalle will surpass Xelna on MBG" Not that far off actually, it's only a 45,000 rating differential between them two.

"-I will learn how to convert levels (I did this already, proving im stupid as hell)" LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

"-Matan will get sub-3 seconds on Water World and destroy my record." Don't even know what I was thinking when I typed this, 3 seconds is obviously impossible (unless Frostfire comes up with a genius pathway like usual) however, I was able to trim my WR from 33 seconds down to 25 seconds, so that was cool :]

"-All of powerjohn25's records will be broken" Nope, I think a few of them were beaten but he still has quite a few WR's (including apparently a 3:27 on BCF that completely surprised me..)

"-Imperial will win a Multiplayer Tournament" I don't know why I put "a multiplayer tournament" because clearly there was only going to be one..and Imperial is almost completely gone from this community at this point so obviously this was false.

-Jeff will mute me at least 15 times (Already 4 times) If he had not been gone from the community (or at least webchat) so many times then I might've been able to reach that mark...you never know..

"-Over 5000 'Pleb' jokes will be made" That died out so long ago...

"-I will reach 1st in MBU Rating" Yeah, no. Moving along..

"-I will reach 10th in MBP Rating" Even if I had tried to get this it would've been very unlikely, I think I'm happy enough having all the UT's.

"-I will get the 50,000,000 Rating mark (40% the way there! :woohoo: )" I got this probably last November or sometime around there. Not spectacular, but good considering I still have a lot of custom to do.

"-I will have AT LEAST 10 fully constructed levels released" Lol, only 40% complete..that's what procrastination does to you.


"-People will realize Donald Trump will NOT make a good president" I guess? I've been a neutral for quite a while now, don't get me wrong both candidates are real shit.

"-Bernie Sanders will beat Hillary and become next president" I should've known a communist can't win the presidency..

Social Life

"I will keep all A's Welp, got a couple B's but once I got all A's..

"-I will get a girlfriend (Pffft)" Aaaand the quest to find the next Marble Blaster to get laid continues...

"-I will become skilled at Unity" I made one game similar to Marble Blast that had gems and a marble that you could roll with WASD, I havent made any huge accomplishments but I think I am getting *somewhere*

"-I will get skype (YOUR WELCOME BPX)" LMFAO I totally forgot about this.

"-I will work on a Marble Blast Mod, only to cancel it 3 months later." Pretty close, except it was a mod with Qwerty and it failed after only a couple weeks.

Tl;dr I was a stupid kid and still am

"cna you salt spalt the slevel salt of 6 year salt who ca salt the lsat" - nobody, 2017
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02 Jan 2017 14:42 - 02 Jan 2017 14:45 #11 by Weather
Replied by Weather on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Time to see my cringy 14-year-old self... :silly:


tl;dr see xeef's tl;dr
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03 Jan 2017 02:31 - 03 Jan 2017 02:32 #12 by [email protected]
MB Related Stuff:
PQ will release (yay)

Good Start...

The wasteland of the dead mod graveyard will continually expand

Literally free point.

Jeff will actually release something


People will still ask for new MBP features because a) they can't read or b) suggestions are from Matan

I don't remember exactly but I'm sure some people did, in the ether of the webchat logs.

Another MP tournament which will go well, and I'll actually do better than last time (I hope?)

I got one round further, pretty good

I will actually get some good MBG RTA times.

Iput up one average time lol

I will actually work hard this year, get into the uni I want to then live of ramen noodles and be lazier than ever.

I actually did it, probably the single best thing to happen to be personally.

How do I adult?

The question still remains unanswered...

UK Politics will be as awful as ever. (free pointerino)

Yeah free points are good

inb4 Brexit

Brexit means Brexit after all, whatever the hell that means

inb4 Clinton becomes president in an outcome literally no-one wants

Oh hey a different bad candidate won instead of this other bad candidate I predicted instead

Other Stuff:
I will have moved twice, one because of family, other because of uni.

Spot on.

I will finally start donating despite being poor spending way too much money on games.

Don't think I donated, can confirm still poor.

Computer number-crunching may finally benefit mathematics

Maybe not this year but some day...?

I will join a band, and play drums in it, and it will be awesome.

I still haven't done this and I don't understand why

I will stop dragging my feet and actually learn to drive.

Hah, nope.

This will still be the best way of describing the 2015/2016 transition

Hey thats pretty accurate

Here's another year to another stupid predictions.

"funny quote" - funny person 2016 part 2 electric boogaloo
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03 Jan 2017 11:14 #13 by Lee
Replied by Lee on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
I actually did this? I didn't know lol

Okay so,

My BWRR world records will be broken in a week when the video comes out

Suprisingly no!

I'll get more world records in MBFubar, then those world records will be broken in a minute or something.

I didn't even get any world records lol

I will finish MBP Expert levels

I DID FINISH WOO! (proof: colored name)

I will finish MBFubar Proffesional levels.

I don't even have the time to play intermediate lol

And now, birthday gifts,

A Minecraft Realms server..


A new PC

Well it's technically it is a birthday gift, but it's not a 2016 gift, rather it's a 2017 gift.

psssttt january 6th

A virtual reality thing

Hahahahahaha no.
I was really hoping to get a Samsung Gear, but because "worrying eyes will get radiated and deteriorate" is a problem that my dad came up.


Homework homework homework

There's no homework the whole year! Suprisingly.

Be up earlier than last year to catch up this years new school schedule.

This is a fact not a prediction. It was going to happen lol what was I thinking?!

Being awkward with new friends

Nope! I got along with them pretty nicely.

I will not catch up with homework, also will deduct marks from my half-year report for not being in school

I didn't even encounter this problem lol. Why was I so not confident to myself? Kind of thinking back, I was really not. I kept thinking that I would fail this, I would fail that. But nope, I didn't. I'm in Year 3 right now, and Year 2 was sort of easy :P

2016 will be a stress to me, and I'm worried about it :(

It stressed me out a little bit. But yeah, I'm still here lol

Wow. I should really stop using smileys that much.

lee is awesome
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10 Jan 2017 01:09 #14 by Aayrl
Replied by Aayrl on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast

I'll stop being lazy and release Marble Blast Fubar builds and final release on the time schedule I listed in my announcement post.

I was really good at this for about a month. Life keeps getting in the way =)

I'll continue to contribute to the Marble Blast Community.

I'm still here, sort of, right? More Winterfest content, some Forum updates, etc etc.

Someone will be banned from Marble Blast Fubar for finding an exploit and not telling me about it.. :)

Yes. I won't tell you who or how for obvious reasons.

The Fabled Website Profile Update 2.0 will release.

Sort of with tabbed content and optimized code ..?

Real Life

I'll get another promotion and make more than my parents (I'm already 80% there.)

Well, sadly, yes. People pay decent money to secure things.

I will begin the first steps towards home ownership.

Working on the finances part first, that counts.

I'll be married.

The date is set! <itshappening.gif>

I'll be proficient in woodworking.

Took a few classes, made some things out of wood. I call that a success.

I will complete my first 10k.

Not only my first 10k, but I ran four separate marathons this summer. Whoo!

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18 Jan 2017 05:15 - 18 Jan 2017 05:16 #15 by HiGuy
Replied by HiGuy on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Fubar will release this year (check)

MBP EOL will happen, people will still suggest new features, and I will happily turn them down
Done this a few times, I'll consider it accurate

MBP EOL will happen, Matan will still suggest new features, and I'll have to do them

I'll finally finish Webchat 2.0 and everyone will be really happy with how well it works
Not even close.

Kalle will get a job life better place to spend his money even bigger server for tsuf
Well our server was upgraded for free... and now I'm paying for it. So no

Jeff might actually, finally, (shocker!) release something
He has almost released PQ (if he keeps up the pace of working on it)

Jeff and I will go through at least 3 more scripting languages
C#, TorqueScript (T3D), and C++ almost makes that 3. Close enough

I'll have to convince Jeff, at least once, to not switch physics libraries
And he'll try to convince me back and fail... Thanks, Trace.

Jeff will make me spend hours trying to debug what amounts to missing a } at the end of a method
Spent a good 10 minutes tonight on a missing %

We'll hit over 200 issues on the PQ issue tracker
338 currently

Every level Matan makes for PQ will require custom code. Even the bonus ones (yes I'm looking at you, puzzle 10)
Jesus has it been that long since he made puzzle 10? Also this is ALMOST true but he managed to sneak one normal level in

I may actually make one or two reasonable levels for PQ... no idea
I made some adaptations... they're reasonable right?

I might, actually, maybe, finally reach level 50 on TagPro; no promises on this
Sure did... just slowly

I'll probably break 1,000 posts, and the 1,000th will be something extraordinarily lame.
Not quite yet

Matan will forget to unbury the time capsule again and I will bug him for the whole year
You should have seen how frightened he was this december

The forums will hit 3000 members (4000 stretch goal) with ~70 (100 stretch) active daily
55*50 == 2750 and I have no idea because the new Kunena is so garbage

Hopefully, I will actually make some money programming this year
That almost happened... and then didn't

Going to get into college... somewhere. This one is almost a given

I will continue to not care much about school (except math classes, those are fun)
I lied multivar calc was not fun. But hey I cared for at least the first half of Data Structures.

Jeff will probably badger me to meet him again until I finally agree; and then when we meet he'll be too shy to say anything
Somehow this never happened. Maybe it was all the depression? Hope he has a better year next year.

I might meet Aayrl again at some point. Considering crashing a certain event of his.
This was referring to his wedding which hasn't happened yet. Aayrl send me an invite; I'll make everyone really confused about who I am.

PQ in a nutshell
function clientcmd12dothepq() {
    commandToClient(LocalClientConnection, '34onthedancefloor');
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18 Jan 2017 07:59 - 18 Jan 2017 08:00 #16 by Trace
Replied by Trace on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

HiGuy wrote:
I'll have to convince Jeff, at least once, to not switch physics libraries
And he'll try to convince me back and fail... Thanks, Trace.

I regret nothing.
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19 Jan 2017 13:10 - 19 Jan 2017 13:32 #17 by RDs.The-dts-guy
Replied by RDs.The-dts-guy on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
2016 was crazy one. Please save me...

Marble Land/ Comp stuff

Be very productive in 4/4ter of the year
Yes and NO, fixed up and got myself a car, did stuff for PQ for solid month. Procrastinated same amount of time. I must change my whereabouts asap.
Improve my graphics editing skills greatly
Yes, New PQ stuff is fantastic
finish dem PQ nifties
Not yet so NO
PQ NOT released
release all almost finished levels
NOT a single one :P

Do the railway thing in MC for once
Didn't even start, have map for it though
Learn c++ and make simulator
theres wayy better chance for me to do it on python so NO
finish some started projects
I did pinboard and uhhh uhhh there definatley must be at least one, I got a car so thats something


Not get new gf but gonna get new friend
Lots of new friends, cheers
spend slightly more time out more
If question is slightly then yes
wont fail at uni
Nope, finished semester earlier
find non fulltime job to support my hobbies
I guess my summer job counts
won't loose my mind
Still here

Ready, set GO 2016! B)
RIP 2016


Lambencee(Aaron_Y) wrote:


- Bernie or Hillary will be our next POTUS. A republican WILL NOT win the general election.


Some guy that does DTS shapes and levels.

AWESOME time HINT : When making PQ level place your custom interiors and textures in platinum/data/interiors_pq/custom
makes life easier for you and everyone else :)
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20 Jan 2017 12:49 #18 by IsraeliRD
Replied by IsraeliRD on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Real Life:
- I won't be upgraded from "Temporary" to "Full" employee status at work
As expected. Hopefully in 7 months!

- I will finish both MLT and Sterility qualifications
MLT I ripped through easily, and Sterility hasn't happened. In fact, I started but it came to a huge standstill. Thanks, pregnancy.

- I will have a friend, specifically a girl. Not a girlfriend though.
Oh god I'm so hilarious who in the right mind thought this would've happened?

- Tsuf will piss me and my parents off as usual
He's going strong at it!!

- Kalle will eat pizzas

- I will go to SGDQ
Went to Italy twice instead. Thanks, Work.

- I will also go to Italy
TWICE. Also, freebie.

- I'll have 4 times the amount of money in the bank than I do now
Make it 8. Holy shit.

- I'll manage to lose 6kg
Fucking gained the opposite LOL

- I will continue my Theme Park Inc speedrun
Nope which is a shame

Forums/Site/Marble Blast:
- Threefolder will actually have a prediction in next year's capsule
Winner winner chicken dinner

- Threefolder: "i will start and end up not finishing at least 10 PQ levels. so far im at like 2"
It did happen, and apparently he had more ideas back in 2015 than he let on.

- I will make at least 10 new levels for PQ
Got it! 9 new or finally completed ones, I have one level that became 3, so total is 12. I have 2 level remakes as well and another one that is halfway there.

- Fubar will have a full release
Apparently life came through but it did release in some format. I'll chalk it as a win.

- PQ MIGHT be fully released

- But something else from PQ will definitely be released
Freebie demo is freebie.

- Also at least two more trailers to hype things up for PQ
Trailer #2 and is PQ easy or hard. Freebie.

- We will increase in size
??? dunno

- I will get the server upgrade I keep asking for (hahahahahaha)
We got the server upgrade anyway without me having to pay.

- We will get 50% of the total amount of money from donations we currently sit at
This did happen!

- Kalle will eat pizzas
So did I!

- MBP 1.7X will continue happening despite EOL
It did, and it's now 1.7.XX. Freebie?

- I'll ask for more features in MBP that will get implemented despite EOL
I think I did?

- Jeff will still hate the word 'Challenges', and Threefolder and I will still make 10-minute session jokes about it
The former happened, the latter did not.

- The Platinum Team will gain one or two more members

- ... and drop one or two.
Both did.

- At least three memebrs will be banned. Either current or new ones.

- Stuff about more forum posts, more thank yous, etc.

- I won't forget about the next Time Capsule
HiGuy reminded me jesus I keep forgeting about it.

- We will get a sandbox site and start porting stuff towards new SDA site

- The queue will get processed faster than it is right now
It slowed down even more

- Kalle will eat pizzas
Something tells me he does.

Marble Blast (misc):
- WRR#5 will be in progress
Nope, here's to 2017!

- MBU WRR will be released
Well submissions are closed, now I have to not be lazy. Half-win?

- I'll make one more WRR which will also be in-progress
Nope. 2017 GO!

- Kalle will eat pizzas
I think his Blood was replaced by Pizza.

- This still isn't cannon.cs
You bet your ass it still isn't.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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22 Jan 2017 00:32 - 22 Jan 2017 00:32 #19 by eNetro
Replied by eNetro on topic 2016 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast
I will be more active in making MB videos. Nope. I'm still lazy to make several MB videos
I will beat all but one Gold Times for MBG. Never attempted this goal
I will beat all the MBP levels (under the Par Time). I play less of MBP
I will beat all the Expert Times for MBF levels. Okay, I play less of MarbleBlast in general...
I will release one major compilation this year. Never came to fruition

iPhone 6c will be released in March offered in 16GB/64GB at $99/$199 (2-year contract). The 16GB model will be replaced with 32GB model at the same price. It's called the iPhone SE and is still offered in 16GB/64GB at $0/$49 (2-year contract).
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be announced in September starting with 32GB at $199/$299 (2-year contract). Yes and the starting prices are $649/$769 (unlocked)
iPad mini 5 with A9 and iPad Pro 2 with A10X will be announced in September. We only got the 9.7" iPad Pro
iPad Air 3 will be released in March with Apple Pencil support and Smart Connector. This is the 9.7" iPad Pro
All iOS devices announced this year will start at 32GB. All except the iPhone SE and iPod touch
All iMacs will have Retina displays, Skylake processors, and USB-C. Hopefully in 2017...
The non-Retina MacBook Pro 13-inch will ultimately be discontinued. I knew this was bound to happen
The redesigned MacBook Airs will be announced in June, have Retina displays and USB-C, and be offered in 4 metallic finishes. No, MacBook Air will soon vanish
The MacBook Pros and Mac minis will be updated with Skylake processors and USB-C. We only got redesigned MacBook Pros, no updates to minis/Pros
The Mac Pro will finally be updated.
Apple Watch 2 will be announced in June with a total redesign. No, it's called the Series 2 released in September with same design
Apple TV will be updated with 4K support and an A9 processor. No
iPod touch's pricing will change to $199/$299/$399 for 32GB/64GB/128GB. No same prices as 2015

Personal Predictions
This summer will be especially meaningful for me. Yes
I will watch all episodes of FRIENDS. Yes
I will accomplish something major in my life. Yes
I will make at least 2 close friends. Not quite I was hoping for, but at least I found two friends who I like
I will get two new Apple products this year. I only got an Apple Watch Series 1

Awesome Hint:

Since the Awesome Time/Score is secret, you will have to beat it in order to find out what it is. Just practice every day, and be ready to keep pressing the 'Restart' button...A LOT!
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