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01 Jan 2018 15:41 #1 by IsraeliRD
2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong? was created by IsraeliRD
After waiting to PQ to release and turns out it crashed again and then we were disappointed with hPerks abandoning Kurt as he made his own way to become mod, we can now check the previous year's predictions. Discuss HERE only 2017's predictions, be it your own or others and whether they were right or wrong.

Your previous predictions can be found here.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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01 Jan 2018 19:57 - 01 Jan 2018 19:59 #2 by Isoplere
Replied by Isoplere on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
1. Trump will be impeached this year. No, but I've been hearing (and reading,) if Trump were impeached Pence could be worse because he's a lot smarter with politics, etc.
2. I will graduate High School this year. I did.
3. I will begin working again at an organic supermarket. I did, but was laid off. RIP
4. I will catch all the Kanto Pokemon this year in Pokémon GO. Still missing Mew. 150/151 Pokemon.
5. My brother moved to my city. He will move out again this year in December. False. He's still living here.
6. A moderate to intense earthquake will happen this year in my state. Nope.
7. I will visit France >> OR << Australia this year. Visited France.
8. I will enroll in a two year college to start my journey for a CS Degree or similar. Not yet. 2018 might be it.

- I will finish Marble Blast STOP II this year. lol in whose right mind would think I would finish it that fast
- PQ will release this year in Summer 2017. (Specific Month: July) WOW - I was actually right?!
- I will meet one person from the Marble Blast Forums, other than Rozi this year. Sadly, no. Rosie = life tho~
- Rozi will be in the top 5 globally for best Marble Blast Players. It actually happened!
- Alexnico's new released mod will be garbage. (in all honesty) (no offense i love chu .3.) Easy guess.
- I will reach 500 posts this year or more. Almost. Not quite.

A. Pokémon GO will release the Gen II Pokémon and the Legendaries. OMG IT HAPPENED :D
B. Half of the Team Instinct Players in Pokémon GO will be terminated. not sure, actually
C. ROBLOX will start the toy business. OH GOD HOW AM I RIGHT (terminated anyway.)
D. IsraeliRD (Matan) will fall for a RickRoll. Did he? If he thanks this post, he did. If he doesn't, he didn't.
E. I will complete an 100% File of Super Mario Sunshine. Found all Blue Coins in File C - 120 Shines and extras.
F. Added to that, Nintendo releases Super Mario Sunshine II this year. (pls nintendo don't be bad) WHY NINTENDO =(
G. The letter G will be the letter of 2017. (Letter of the Year) It actually was.
H. Just like 2016, we'll have another record-breaking year of heat globally. Apparently, it is so.
I. 2017's word of the year will be "depressing/depression/depress". (/ means or) Not quite. Word of the Year in English for 2017 was "youthquake."
G. Someone will mention that I used the letter G for labeling twice on this post AND complain about it. Nobody noticed? I'm surprised.
U. David Baszucki, CEO/Founder of ROBLOX will retire this year. I'd like him to. He's an illegitimate man. RIP
Y. Higuy will notice the odd order of letters I posted on the MISC. Predictions and will know what it means... AND post about it. It didn't seem clear that he noticed. =(

Isoplere - Marble Blast Modder; getting better day by day, update by update.
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01 Jan 2018 20:31 - 01 Jan 2018 20:43 #3 by Derpking
Replied by Derpking on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
My predictions.

PQ actually releases in "early 2017"

Well it released in July, but I linked to a wiki page on Valve Time so it counts as being early. +1

There will be at least one problem with the PQ launch and a hotfix will have to be pushed within a week of release

There were in fact several hotfixes pushed almost immediately after release. HiGuy can probably find the exact number if anyone cares. Such is PQ development. +1

Jeff starts another marble game project and cancels it

According to HiGuy, Jeff started and cancelled two projects: a 2D marble game written in C++, and a marble game in Unreal Engine. +1

I meet someone from the community IRL (not including Whirligig because he lives by me)

If that person happens to be Jeff, we get drunk together

Nope :( Gonna carry these over to my 2018 predictions though :) +0

I get off my ass, learn how to use Constructor, and actually release a custom level

I never got around to this and I didn't want to rush a level just for the sake of fulfilling this prediction. It's something I still have a small amount of interest in though. +0

An MB speedrun will be featured at a major event (GDQ, ESA, etc.) and marbleblast.com will crash again

Nope :( +0

(well, for the part about a major speedrun event, at least)

People will still be spamming "u" and "joj" on the Discord in December


Total score: 4 out of 8 correct! Not bad.

Finally, no time capsule is complete without having a meme to remember 2017 by...

Happy new year everyone!

"You know you've spelled something wrong when the only search results are Jeff convos" - HiGuy
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01 Jan 2018 20:56 #4 by hPerks
Replied by hPerks on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

I will reach the semifinals in the next multiplayer tournament, despite losing a qualifying match to at least one of Kalle, Xedron or Rozi.

Half true - I didn't lose a match to anyone, and ended up winning the tournament.

I will revive my "level designer showcases" video series with levels by Weather, Endy and Technostar, among others.

True - including levels from packs 50-59.

I will finish compiling the list of levels to include in custom packs 50-59. Once they're added, my general rating will exceed 100 million.

Half true - I did finish compiling the list, but various PQ bugs are holding up the release of the level packs. My rating is above 100 million anyway because of the PQ levels that were added.

If Marble Blast is in this year's SGDQ, I will participate in it.

Vacuously true ;)

Just judging by the way things are going, everyone in the active community will probably know my real name by the end of the year.

True, because after the first dozen or so people found out, I figured it was okay to just dox myself.

The MB discord server will far surpass 100 semi-active members, and we'll have to seriously consider some sort of kick policy.

Half true - we ended up just not having a kick policy, and being okay with over 100 members.

If eboy doesn't QUIT MARBLE BLAST(TM), he'll eventually take my place as #2 in the Discord server rankings.

False - mostly due to Kurt's April Fools shenanigans, and the server migration.

The Salt Mine will get 3-5 new text channels that are used even less than their counterparts in the spamcord.

False - again the server migration helped with this.

Savage will leave the discord server at least five times during the year. (edit: we're at 6 already now)

True and then some.

PQ will be released, and it will inevitably fail to meet Tristan's astronomically-high expectations. As reality sets in, Tristan is hit for the first time with the existential anguish in realizing that he will never achieve the feeling of ultimate fulfilment in life that he had so fervently anticipated upon PQ's arrival. He will fall into a perpetual slump of depression, and within months he will commit suicide by OD'ing on salts.

Half true - aside from the overdose, we don't technically know if this is false. :p

I will finally get back to writing classical music, including a suite of piano adaptations of some of my electronic tracks.

True, along with Woodside Whimsy.

I will continue busking at the farmer's market every week.


I will publish three new improv tracks on three significant holidays in 2017, continuing the pattern of 2015 and 2016.

True - as originally planned, Canada Day, Halloween, and Christmas.

I will publish at least five new electronic tracks, and still have about a dozen unfinished ones lying around (probably even more).

True - the five finished ones being Hypnotic Suggestion, Saloon Tune, Moonlight Meander, South Street Swing, and Wanderlust.

I will continue to work on remaking my old video games in Java/JS, and finish at least one of them.

False - hell no. Too much programming in my day-to-day life already.

I will learn C++, if only to be able to help Lamp with her programming assignments.

Half true - I actually learned it for a course that I was taking. Lamp's programming course was focused on Matlab, which I also learned quite a bit about.

I will receive at least 3 more marks on assignments that I'll argue about with the professor.

False - damn, I really have been slacking off lately.

During my co-op job search term, I will get a job that I'm satisfied with, but not before screwing up at least one job interview.

Half true - I did get my dream job, but didn't actually have any major interview screw-ups in my nine interviews.

In my Communications class, one of my pechakucha presentations will be about Marble Blast and it'll be cringe city.

False - thank goodness.

I will (hopefully) put a lot more stuff on my website, including music, writing (perhaps), and trailers/footage of my old Game Maker games.

True - although it's moved to a separate domain and become a more real-life / work-related site.

Lamp and I will still be together, and we'll meet up at least two more times during the year.

True - we're in the midst of our fifth meetup right now!

Total: 10 true, 6 half true, 5 false - not bad!
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01 Jan 2018 21:01 #5 by Three
Replied by Three on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
My predictions:

PQ releases, later than originally intended, but still within our goal

Correct, was anticipating January at first, then March, then June, and then finally July

HiGuy stays up until at least 5am pushing hotfixes the day it releases

HiGuy - Today at 3:57 PM
i went to bed

Pablo will make a new level


marbleblast.com will have a minor popularity surge with PQ's release

I guess...?

I'll do a stream about neat leftovers from PQ

I would still like to do this

Tristan will get PQ and then (it doesn't work || he immediately asks for "PQ 2")

IIRC it didn't work at first but he eventually got to play it anyway

Fubar won't be finished until at least mid-summer

Fubar coming out after PQ is mind-blowing

Matan's donger will remain on fire

Matan pls confirm

Follow me on twitter at @threefolder
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01 Jan 2018 21:40 #6 by Nature Freak
Replied by Nature Freak on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
I will get top 5 in MBG and screenshot it so that when someone beats me I will still have the memory.
Yes, and somehow I made it to top three and somehow Rigel hasn't beaten me yet.
I will actually play things other than MBG and get all of the Ultimate Times for MBP and MBU.
I sort of played MBP and some customs but don't have all Ultimate Times yet. Close though.
At least ten departed community members will return because of PQ.
Too lazy to count but I can think of at least five.
Kurt will still contribute to the community by being a beer loving Australian.
MBG WRR #5 will at least be payed attention to after the MBU WRR finishes.
Haha nope although Rosie did get Mudslide...
Matan will still be fond of coming on voice chats and screaming loud vowel noises and disconnecting.
I don't think so but it must have happened at least a couple times.
I will pass the AP US History exam in May with an 80%.
It's out of 5 but I got a 4 so that's exactly right, 4/5 = 80%.
HPerks will meet with Lamp and it will go decently and they will meet again.
Yes. And again and again and again.
SIDE NOTE: This last one is BY FAR the least likely to come true but positive attitudes always help. It went very well and my warmest congratulations go to them!
Well that was very rude of me. I'm glad they're still having a good time together.
I will at least have learned The Harmonious Blacksmith on the piano by this time next year, hopefully progressed to Bartók's Romanian Folk Dances.
I did the folk dances first because I'm a rebel, and I am partway through The Harmonious Blacksmith.
I will care less about what people think of me and hopefully begin to realize that I dwell way too much on embarrassing things that have happened to me.
I think so, I've tried hard to just shrug things off.
Nobody's life choices will get slightly better.
I'm not quite sure about this one but if Nobody is reading this, I still believe in you.
PQ will release at the end of March and HiGuy will be close to having a nervous breakdown.
July, and I'll have to ask HiGuy sometime about his mental state during the process.
I will move on from traplaunches but still enjoy them.
Sometime during the year (probably April 1) Webchat will be like it was in early 2015 and Matan and Kalle will be very immature and it will be the most wonderful thing to happen in Webchat all year.
I don't know... At least Kurt changed everyone's names on the Discord server which was amazing.
Lamp will keep complaining about her life and hopefully continue to play Marble Blast.
She does keep complaining about her life but she gets through it remarkably well, I admire very much how dedicated she is to her studies. Sadly she hasn't been playing Marble Blast.
Jeff will post on the forums only twice this whole year, but both times it will be because he is very annoyed about someone posting about PQ bugs for the seventeenth time.
I am again too lazy to check because I haven't even been checking the forums for the last few months anyway.
Regislian will be given the suffix "the Sage" but will only use it for about two minutes.
No but it would still fit him well.
Nobody will hopefully revert to saying "dooooooood" when he logs in to Webchat instead of "joj".
No, no one ever uses Webchat anyway.
"u" will meet a long overdue death.
Tragically it did not.
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02 Jan 2018 01:21 #7 by eblu
Replied by eblu on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
let's go
- i'll probably actually get to work on levelmaking by the time PQ comes out.
the most i've done was just faff about in constructor
- PQ hits in march.
it was july tho
- new forum bugs get ironed out (hopefully)
uh, i'm assuming they were. there was that one time weather crashed everything by uploading an extremely thin and tall image
- i get slightly better at this game
yeah i guess that happened.
- i'll get a non-event flair. maybe someday...
all i have are santa hats and a cake
- new gaming pc, although it's highly unlikely
i'm rocking my ryzen/1060 rig that i got in september. unlikely my butt
- more people join the MB community as PQ releases.
sure has happened, for better or for worse

- pee pee butt spray on your pet jeef
pee pee butt spray on your pet jeef

IsraeliRD wrote:

come discord brah: eblu#8048
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02 Jan 2018 02:53 - 02 Jan 2018 02:54 #8 by Kalle29
Replied by Kalle29 on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

- I will go up 10 spots in general rank

At some point, probably? Giving myself half a point here

- PQ will be out

Free point

- fubar will be out

...is it out?

- probably another MP tournament


Personal stuff

- I will go back to uni and take courses I actually enjoy

yep, 2017 was much better than 2016 on a personal level.

- I will do progress in my language studies

2017 was the first time in years that I felt satisfaction over studying, feelsgoodman

- I will have had a real job for at least a while


- pizza

Yes, but at least I haven't gained weight, so that's good at least.


༼ ͡◕ ͜ ʖ ͡◕༽ You have been visited by the Nivea™ Donger of moisture. Soft skin and good fortune will come to you, but only if you post "thank you Mr. Skeltal" in this thread ༼ ͡◕ ͜ ʖ ͡◕༽
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02 Jan 2018 20:33 #9 by Xedron
Replied by Xedron on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Now time for my amazing predictions. I'll just score this like other people are doing

"-I will reach at least the final 8 in the next Multiplayer Tournament"

Semi finals (+1)

" -I will have all the Ultimate Times in the Leaderboards"

All except MPMC rip (+0)

" -I will get at least one MBP WR (edit: cubed maze 31.043)"

Nine is good enough for me (assuming you count directors cut) (+1)

" -I will release 15 more levels before the end of this year (I'm counting on it this time, no bullshit like last year)"

it was indeed bullshit like last year (+0)

" -PlatinumQuest will be released by April-May 2017"

At least I was closer than some other people (+0)

" -At least 2 more well-known staff members will leave the community"

I think more old members returned to the community than people who left :) (+0)

"-Kurt and Jojo will both be moderators (if not, maybe 2018)"

Maybe 2018 (+0)

"-I will get at least 10 WR's (got 11 last year..)"

I even surprised myself this year. I got 64 WRs (+1)

" -I will collab with another level creator for a level (hmm...)"

Rip I think it's safe to say I'm done with level creating. (+0)

" -Jeff will move to Canada"

I said this in the "Marble Blast Related" section I think I'm retarded (+0)

" -I will get >330 on Sprawl"

339, yeee boi (+1)

" -Nobody will quit drugs"

I believe in you nobody :( (+0)

" -Kurt will stop drinking beer"

Nope (+0)

" -Start making music with FL Studio 12 and hopefully release some songs in the future"

I have started making music, but my habit of starting stuff and never finishing it has kept me from releasing anything. (+0.5)

" -(maybe?) get into coding"

Yay im part of the giant computer science group in this community (+0)

" -I will get Honor Roll every time for the rest of the school year"

The rest of 8th grade and 9th grade so far..noice (+1)

" -I will be more mature by the time I hit 15 next year."

You be the judge

" -I will take drum lessons, and maybe other musical instruments as well."

Can confirm I've really gotten into drums. Part of the large music group in this community? (+1)

" -I will get a girlfriend"

fuck off (+0)

Overall 6.5/18

Better luck next year you loser

"cna you salt spalt the slevel salt of 6 year salt who ca salt the lsat" - nobody, 2017
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02 Jan 2018 21:10 - 02 Jan 2018 21:12 #10 by PacPlayer
Replied by PacPlayer on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

Quaternion will be released at 11:59 PM on December 31st.

Nope - It came out earlier than expected! :)

same with PQ.

Nah - PQ came out 1/2 a year earlier than I thought.

MB1 might be finished...

Yup - yeah

MB rights will be claimed by Nintendo for $12 and make Marble Blast Square.

A fake PQ will be released on April 1st.

Uhhh - Was this the year with the random PQ level online? Maybe it was last year...

MB STOP II will be delayed to 2018.

Yup - Sadly, it is going to be delayed and the total level count has gone down immensely :( (Still, 200+ is pretty high, nice job dude!)

10 or more mods will be made, each with a 5% chance of succeeding and a 95% chance of dying.

Nah? - I think less was made but most of them succeeded.

MB will become a game show on Nickelodeon with HiGuy being the host.

it will be canceled due to time constraints and $.

5 or more people will be banned for unknown reasons.

Nope - Was anyone banned?

we find the true meaning of the marble.

Yes - Yes, the true meaning of the marble is up to anyone's interpretation. I saw marble blast as an awesome game where you roll through completely unrealistic environments, such as high in the sky, above a lake, through space, on giant glaciers, and more! Rolling through fast through tubes, on giant blocks, and on giant platforms without any reason was just fun to me. To others, the game is a test of speed and agility, but to me, that's the meaning of the marble.

nothing on this post will actually come true.

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03 Jan 2018 05:31 #11 by Eguy
Replied by Eguy on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
time to CRIIIIIIIIINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!


-I will begin a marble blast custom levels series on YouTube.

PQ axed that and i still have recorded runs from MBP lying around, including a WR or two from ages ago +0

-See Derpking prediction #6. "i will actually get off my ass and learn constructor and make a custom level"

lul +0

-I will meet a marble blast community member IRL.

next year is the year tho +0

-There will be another summer tournament and I will finally break through to the semis. (Going out on a limb here!)


-I'll have at least one run or more featured in the upcoming rampages, and MBG WRR #5 will be released in December.

WOW LOL i actually thought MBG was first? I do have one run right now in MBG and 7 in MBP so i'll give myself half a point just because i pity myself for sacking so much already +0

-I will FINALLY get a colored username.

Yep. green...purple...grurple? +1

-PQ will be released, at the beginning of October.

Thanks plat team for beating my prediction :D +0

-Two of MBK, EdwardMC, Dushine, Imperial, TPorter and RC will rejoin the community.

MBK sorta came back for PQ, edward was banned and jeef forgot to unban him, dushine nope, imp and TP came back, and RC was never really gone lol +1

Real life:

-I'll have started learning Haydn's Emporor Quartet in C major by the end of next fall.

Heeeell no, that piece is super hard but at least i did opus 76 which is sorta close in difficulty +0

-I will complete my percussion quartet soon (TM) and the performace in March will be a success.

yeah uh my piece was super hard and idk how the performance went cause i forgot to show up :unsure: +0

-I will not get a girlfriend but may quietly have a crush on someone (this prediction is mostly for fun, lol.)

dang it not so quietly lol +0.5

-I'll be out of the country for at least two weeks (this one is almost a guarantee actually)

Dumb prediction, but at least a point +1

-I will not have finished my plans to complete my first orchestra piece (hopefully i'll prove myself wrong!)

yea nope, my composition motivation has dwindled a bit and i hope to analyze the problems in 2018 +1

-The Oakland A's will win at least 80 games. (cmon cmon)

nope, 75 +0

The Cubs will not win the world series. (Sorry whirli)

nope, Astros +1

-Donald Trump will be impeached (to quote the words of Frosty - "most likely wrong but i will have eternal glory if this is correct.")

at least we don't have mike freaking pence +0

Nice try, dingleschloppus

"it's the internet eguy. where children are men. men are monkeys, and women are PQ."
-Jeff 2014
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03 Jan 2018 13:48 #12 by Weather
Replied by Weather on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
- Trump will not be impeached this year. :​p

- PQ will be out before The Lake Below. Which will hopefully be a good thing - there are some features I don't want to code duplicates of.
Much to the dismay of my brother.

- I will reach 30 million overall rating. Currently 21 million.
Almost 34 million at the moment.

- I will reach rank 8 on the multiplayer leaderboards. Currently I'm at a record of 10.
I believe I got to 8 twice, but no higher.

- I will reach overall rank 50. Currently at 68.
Pretty sure this is incorrect. Oh well. It's 66 right now.

- Trump will be blamed for a bunch of crap Obama did to "prepare" things for the switch.
More politics? I don't even know, and I don't think I'll bother checking. :​p

- Fubar will be updated from build 50,000 after February. (By the way, you don't need to multiply the build count by 1000, Aayrl.)
I can't find the change log and Aayrl is pretending he's not getting pinged and I don't think anyone else who can check is online so I have no clue.

- My sister will get a speeding ticket . . . A second, that is. :​p
I don't think so.

- Nobody will do a speedrun of at least five of my levels in one video.

- My phone will survive another year.
I think my dad almost got me a new one. That was close.

- I will look into Blender rigging and create a rig.
I made a simple armature used for a still image that I put on a Christmas card. Does that count?

- The exclamation point that appears in the webchat icon will still be bugging me and will still be buggy.
- The mobile version of the webchat will still have a buggy userlist.
- I will still not have a colored username.

- If my story idea really takes off, I will have made an offline MediaWiki for it.
Well, it didn't really. I went to a few other story ideas that seem less ambitious.

- I will have completed a total of at least three Warriors series. Currently at one.

- Two more joke mods will be posted.
Yep, pretty sure exactly two.

- Two more soon-to-be-dead mods will be announced.

I believe we got six this year.
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08 Jan 2018 05:14 - 08 Jan 2018 05:14 #13 by eNetro
Replied by eNetro on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Marble Blast
I will release 5 Marble Blast compilations this year (4 of them will be for PlatinumQuest). More than 5 of them have been released thanks to PlatinumQuest levels
PQ will be released on May; I will play more of Marble Blast as soon as it will be released. Actually released July, but it has been true.
I will complete all the levels for one mod other than PQ. I guess Rozi's Mini Mod can count...
I will still be less active in the forums and in playing MB until PQ. I'm certain that sorta happened.

Updated iMacs and Mac minis in March; lower prices across the MacBook lineup. Overall false
Apple Watch Series 2/Series 1 will get lower starting prices of $349/$249 respectively. Series 1's starting price got reduced to $249, but Series 2 got discontinue
New colors for Apple Watch bands and iPhone/iPad cases in March. True
Updated MacBook in April 2017 with Kaby Lake Processors and Thunderbolt 3. No Thunderbolt 3 :(
macOS 10.13, iOS 11, watchOS 4, and tvOS announced in June; all these platforms released in September. Yes
Updated iPad Pros in 9.7-inch, 10.5-inch, and 12.9-inch sizes announced in September; released in October. No 9.7", 10.5"/12.9" in June
iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone X released in September. iPhone 8/8 Plus in September, iPhone X in November
Apple Watch Series 3 released in September; lower prices for Apple Watch Series 2 lower prices for Series 1
Updated Apple TV with A10 Fusion announced in September; released in October. Correct
Updated MacBook Pro with Kaby Lake Processors and huge price drops across the MacBook Pros with Touch Bar in October. Incremental update in June, no actual price drops

I will be happy that I'm still single by the end of this year. Yes
I will complete watching more YouTube Red series/movies by the end of April. Not really
I will gain more experience on coding in more programming languages. Certainly
I will have a meaningful summer. Not quite, but I do have a meaningful year
I will make one new friend. Absolutely

Awesome Hint:

Since the Awesome Time/Score is secret, you will have to beat it in order to find out what it is. Just practice every day, and be ready to keep pressing the 'Restart' button...A LOT!
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08 Jan 2018 16:55 #14 by Ralph
Replied by Ralph on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

-I beat all of the ultimate Times in PQ

Never ever happening unless I get a better computer. I've got enough of playing Manic Bounce with only 20 fps. (just imagine with Fraps on :ohmy:)

-I make (and release) a bunch of kickbutt levels if I'm not too busy

9 levels made so far, none of them released for now, due to slow development and lacks of inspiration. Be patient, guys. I'm sure other level builders are encourtering the same issues I'm encountering right now.
Also Powerjohn saying I'm "one of the best Marble Blast level makers in the whole Europa had me laughing for hours lmaooo

-I get a girlfriend

I definitely stopped looking for a gf. Useless. I found out it's better to let the time do its job to find the perfect one I can share my life with.

-I get my final diploma

Barely nailed it with an average of 10/20. Can't tell how long I celebrated it, but man, I didn't sleep, I had nightmares about it, and when I saw the results, I was so happy that I jumped everywhere and ended up losing my pants. Still got a dozen hugs by my friends (girls). We celebrated it for the rest of the day, then the fest continued with my family. Thinking about it still gives me shivers down my spine. I couldn't realize my PowerPoint skills mostly saved me from another exam-failing catastrophy just like the previous year.

-I get 40+ subscribers on my YouTube channel before July

37 in July, 43 now. Don't have much time/patience to record videos, due to the computer starting up failure I had (it's fixed now) and also, to my coding studies.

-Snow will come in my city

No. Not until 2020. Crappy weather, 2 tempests, coldness ahoy, but still no snow. You suck, global warming.

-PSG wins against Barça

DON'T. EVER. MENTION. THAT. STOLEN. MATCH. ANYMORE. That referee was an ungrateful sc*mbag for giving two penalty kicks to Barça, and denying two for PSG. Deniz Aytekin (his name), did 99% of the Barça players's job by giving undeserved free kicks for Barça, fouls (even with simulation), and even a red card, I think! That guy was just paid by the Barça mangers because nobody wants PSG to win the Champions League. I didn't slept after that, and I was being mocked and violently roasted by almost anybody in the school. Me, just like all my friends supporting PSG. I felt really sad about that.
That moronic referee should be Mega-Marbled into the Luncheon Kingdom's pink molten lava for that 6-1 scandal. I hope he stays away from the PSG this year, so I won't be forced to get there and beat his a** myself.
Fortunately those cheaters were beaten up by Juventus. Justice.

You forget a thousand things everyday. Make sure Marble Blast isn't one of 'em.

On Twitter : @RalphiBoy27
Now on Instagram : ralphfrommb

Ralph's Improved PQ Sound Pack : marbleblast.com/index.php/forum/mbdk-sounds/9663-ralph-s-improved-pq-sound-pack-now-out-for-download#142246
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08 Jan 2018 21:30 #15 by CylinderKnot
Replied by CylinderKnot on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
"I will make three more custom levels before the end of the year."
I made more than three (well, mostly made), but I haven't released them because I'm trying to figure out the blue question mark issue.

"PQ WHERe memes will be way too abundant."
I don't know.

"Random Kick Mode is abolished."

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19 Jan 2018 14:07 - 19 Jan 2018 14:08 #16 by Lee
Replied by Lee on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
I was such a cringy kid :S

Every mod that is in the works right now (except PQ) will fail.

I was right lol (MB Alex's Island, MB Nostalgia (well the creator said that the mod is dead so idk), MB Past, MB Blue (no updates since October 2), MB Rising (no updates since October 18), Marble Blast Mega)

My birthday will be awesome.
(pssstt jan 6th)

Well I got a new computer so yay

My computer will be the best I have ever used.
(Getting that tomorrow woo!)

Yes it is!

2017 will be the best year for school.

Wouldn't say it was great, but wouldn't say it wasn't great either. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'll excel at everything in school.
(I'm being stereotypical here)

lol nope, well I did improve my Mandarin marks/scores. I got a D at History, got two A's in English and Art, and I got a B or C on every other subjects.

I'll be rich.

Well technically, I earned the money myself by taking that 2 month factory job to buy myself a personal smartphone!

I'll release some levels.
(Maybe a level pack, with a theme)

I did release some levels, but not a level pack, with a theme. Hmm, I should probably make one when I have the motivation and inspiration to.

lee is awesome
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20 Jan 2018 10:32 #17 by IsraeliRD
Replied by IsraeliRD on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

- I'll get "Full" employee status at work
- In the internal war at between the MLT and Sterility teams, MLT will succeed in stopping my transfer to Sterility and thus I won't do a qualification to it.

I got the full status and was transferred to MLT. However this year's beginning now has me under GPT for... who knows how long.

- Tsuf will continue his unending earth-shattering screams as he pisses my parents and I. He's doing it at this point in writing too.

Tons of times, he's pretty darn good at this.

- I will probably go to Italy.
- The USA... not seeing it happening... unless...
- Aayrl gets married. If I'm given an invitation I'll seriously consider attending assuming it's not in July/August.

I ended up in Romania for a couple of week and another half-week in Eilat which is a holiday city at the southest place of Israel.

- I'll lose 3kgs

10kg as it turns out.

- I will continue my Theme Park Inc speedrun
- I will do a TAS of Hocus Pocus. A full chapter, doesn't matter any% or 100%. Even a redo of chapter 1.
- I will actually beat Super Meat Boy (currently World 5 - nearly there)

Nothing here happened.

- I will beat Borderlands 1 or 2.
- Maybe will start and complete another game...
- I will be less demotivated than my usual self.

BL1 on both walkthroughs, and with a nephew on another walkthrough. BL2 I beat it, but want to replay (in process). I did start/finish BL TPS so that's another.
I'm also much less demotivated since last May but still patchy at times.

- PlatinumQuest releases in either March or April, and worst case May. Much to HiGuy's disMAY. Also mine.
- HiGuy will continue his unending puntastic streak.
- PlatinumQuest will challenge players, new and old alike.
- PlatinumQuest will continue its crash-party, pissing HiGuy off.
- PlatinumQuest will be well liked, generally.

HiGuy becomes a master of puns, unsurprisingly.
PQ ended up at the beginning of July which is why Jeff isn't around anymore. PQ did piss everyone with the ATs,
PQ is also pissing us with the crashes though it is generally liked and is considered an above average mod.

- To piss the right out of Threefolder, I will somehow make and release two additional levels for Bonus in addition to the three I have lined up.
- ...And someone else will also make a level or two just for good measure.

I redid Gems (doesn't count, Matan), but I did make my final 3 PQ levels in this order: Arkanoid, Racing Spirits, Minute Minute. That means I didn't make the 2 additional bonus levels I wanted, but Racing Spirits was sent right into beginner, while Arkanoid and Minute Minute ended up in Bonus as I hoped.
hPerks and Nihahhat both made replacement levels so that works out too.

- Fubar will continue its weird releases

It continued it by having none this year.

- Kalle will start lowering his Pizza intake in favor of healthier food.
- Stuff about more forum posts, more thank yous, etc.

Kalle says yes. Stuff was also correct.

- I won't forget about the next Time Capsule.. Who am I kidding. HiGuy pls set a reminder for 29th/30th December.
- Someone will make an actual artwork for us for the Time Capsule so that I won't have to dig through shitass images on Google.

I haven't forgotten in fact I have remembered about it several times in the two months leading to it.
HiGuy turned out to make the actual artwork and we had a solid 1-1.5 hours of hilarious fun with photoshop doing memes.

- This Time Capsule will be buried on TIME FOR A CHANGE (come on freebie!!)

It fucking didn't because thanks HiGuy

- Jeff will get some of his predictions correct, regardless of internal info or not.
- Jeff will get laid.
- Oh right, and some marble blast mods will happen and die.
EDIT: - Dank memes will continue to spice our lives.

Correct, incorrect-ish and double correct

- The queue will get processed faster than it is right now. I mean seriously I was 7 months behind.
- Something good will happen to it this year. Dunno what.

Yes, No

Marble Blast (misc):
- MBU WRR will be released
- MBG WRR #5 will happen, as well as MBP WRR #3 and... PQ WRR?
- People will continue their fantastic level compilations. Hoping for more customs though, always pleased with those more.

Yes, no but we are gathering, and in-progress and no.
People are continuing their amazing compilations.

- This still isn't cannon.cs

It keeps rearing its head this is amazing.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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20 Jan 2018 17:57 - 20 Jan 2018 17:57 #18 by HiGuy
Replied by HiGuy on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?

If PQ isn't out by this time next year I will be very disappointed in myself.

It was, so I'm not.

In that time, we'll probably hit 500 issues on the tracker list

Currently 1138. So technically I'm correct.

The testers will submit max 10 of those issues

Closer to 20 now, was around 10 when we released though.

Launch night will of course be the most inconvenient day for me

Surprisingly not! It went well.

Another new marble game? Seems very unlikely especially releasing within a year. Maybe some more prototypes

Started a thing in Unreal with Trace but it didn't go anywhere. He eventually used its guts to make his own project though.
I think that counts as "some more prototypes" though so I'm taking this one.

Noby will actually care about the quality of chat on the discord server why should I even think this for a second

It didn't sound good from downstairs.

Will probably be less active on the site except providing PQ updates occasionally

Definitely. I play occasionally but I'm rarely on webchat now.

Might get that CLAList thing done eventually??


Site will probably get ~50 new people who decide to stay around. Good luck remembering them though

I think it was 10-20 but I don't know when people joined anymore.

My #1 asot tune of the year still won't be #1


No way in hell I'm going to maintain this GPA... but hopefully I can do really well

Had a 4.0 first semester. Still doing very well but not _that_ well.

I'll remember almost nothing from FOCS

Surprisingly, FSMs are coming up way more often than I thought.

Probably going to gain some more weight... I don't really mind

Actually I lost weight. Not a good sign considering I needed to gain weight.

Hopefully some of that will be muscles from going to the gym... which I have totally been remembering to do

Heh, yeah I totally remembered to do that. I can walk up stairs now though.

PQ in a nutshell
function clientcmd12dothepq() {
    commandToClient(LocalClientConnection, '34onthedancefloor');
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21 Jan 2018 21:48 - 21 Jan 2018 21:54 #19 by RDs.The-dts-guy
Replied by RDs.The-dts-guy on topic 2017 Predictions :: Right or Wrong?
Welp that escalated quickly. It looks like this years predictions have gone better than expected.

Marble land:
-1 Level for PQ.
Yep. Construction wonders in literally last second managed to make into the game.

-Finish all shapes on the list and Matan will still have more ideas week before release from which some will somehow get in.
Mostly yes and managed to squeeze couple new ideas aswell

-Will do 2 new levels for community and release 3 unreleased ones.

-PQ released obv.
Thank God

-Community will gain least 10 new folks that I will notice only 2 months later.
50/50 lots of new folks didn't stayed for that long

-Overall quality and quantity of levels released on community will increase twice (they currently are getting better and better, PQ should be boost).
maybe +50% more, quality wise levels look neater, gameplay wise hard to say

-Joof will stick with one engine, finally, and something will happen.
Something did happened for some period. There where 2 engine changes but torque is here to stay (i hope)

-Will meet 1 person from forums.
Saddly didn't.

-Lome will regain his health.
He did. Wellcome back Lome :)

-Something crazy will happen on forums.
Noby got booted saddly

-Will go to Nürburgring with my Audi coupe quattro built, done and ready for it, however cornering will still be suckish as every stock audi 80 has.
Nope, and I have no idea how to get funds to do it this year

-I will spend more money that I expected on my new car.
Yep. Was cheated on the purchase of body of car. Oh well

-My current car will reveal another retarded thing that previous owner haven't properly fixed.
You got it. Fist size holes in drivers side footwell

-My current friendship with TK will take sharp turn in ether direction.
Ummm no, and I don't know why i still talk to her now and then

-Will leave dorm and live in apartment or different accommodation.
First I moved to live in car for 2 months, now im living in faternity

-Will finish 2nd year of uni.
YDid finnish but I miss 2 grades

-Will have some sortof odd partime job.
Lmao Yes

-Will finally have some progress on that rail system in SP MC
Only in Multiplayer map just recently

-No new GF but will get someone I get along with really well.
Id wish it was a girl but it's not

-Spend 2x more time outside and mostly abandon usual things I procrastinate on.
:f didn't as much as expected

-No HL3 but there will be some huge announcement from Valve
At least now I can put this retarded game to rest once and for all (RIP HL3)

Also huge announcement. A portal themed bridge building game and dota card game. Give me a break.

GG 2017 was fun year

Some guy that does DTS shapes and levels.

AWESOME time HINT : When making PQ level place your custom interiors and textures in platinum/data/interiors_pq/custom
makes life easier for you and everyone else :)
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