Introducing the Marble Blast Community Support System

Hey folks,

In addition to some of the major updates we installed this afternoon, we've also introduced a new feature to our website known as the Marble Blast Community Support System (MBCSS)! We've created the MBCSS to assist users with submitting bug reports and requesting professional support with Marble Blast related issues they may experience while playing the game. While in the past we've handled these type of requests through the Marble Blast Support forum, we felt there was too much influence from standard community members that were counterproductive to resolving the original issue. Thus, we hope the MBCSS will be utilized as a tool to retrieve direct responses from certified Marble Blast Support Staff members.

At this point in time, we plan to leave the Marble Blast Support board available to all users to allow community members the ability to openly respond to any support requests, but we will strongly advise that members looking for solutions directly from Marble Blast affiliated members to use the MBCSS and associated Knowledge-base for assistance with their requests.

You may submit new tickets (or review previously submitted tickets if you are logged in to your Marble Blast account) by clicking in the "Support" link above. We hope this system will prove to be helpful for both community members and the support staff alike. We've been testing this system for several months and hope everyone enjoys the new service. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to respond in the comments section below and we'll answer any concerns as best as we can.

All the best,

Marble Blast Community Manager



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[Complete] Shifting files, scheduled maintenance

Boring titles.

Hey guys,

Just to notify everyone we are going to stop using Amazon's AWS/S3 service, which we used to host the various .zip files required by the MBP Launcher. The reason for that is that's server has far more transfer bandwidth per month, despite having slower speed than that of AWS's. This saves lots of money as we were paying for both the server and the files hosting.

Our host also has scheduled maintenance on Sunday the 8th of March at 2am UTC (7th March 9PM EST [GMT-0500]) so our website and leaderboards service will be offline for a couple of hours then.
Update: The scheduled maintenance has been completed. All systems should be restored. Thank you for your patience.

Until next time!

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Hey guys, long time no see.
The army has taken quite a toll with my time, and whatever spare time I do have does not go into Marble Blast, unfortunately. That is being slightly remedied in the next few weeks.

The MBG WRR #4 is coming extremely soon. The beginner levels are scheduled to the 21st of February, the intermediates on the 25th and advanced on the 28th. SDA update (aka release) is happening on the 28th as well.

MBP gets a few updates as well:
- Starting March 1st, anyone with high Multiplayer rating will need to start playing more to preserve their status. To encourage rated matches, any player with over 1850 Multiplayer rating points will need to play at least 6 rated matches every 2 weeks, or else they will start losing Multiplayer rating at the current rate of 1%/day. Rating loss will continue only to 1850 points, and nobody under that will be affected.

- Patches and updates.
We are planning to release a few game modes that HiGuy had been messing online with some players; I approved them all. These will be pushed out in incremental patches.
In addition to those, we are developing an in-game screen recorder which will join the demo recording system. The following are required from your computer in order to handle this:

- 1 CPU core (Dual Core CPU and above, mutli-threaded is good). One core is used for playing, and one is used for exporting.
- HDD or SSD with lots of free disk space. The recording cache uses RAW RGB output, meaning uncompressed frames. A recording of Learning to Roll can take 100MBs, and RIP your HDD for Space Station or Battlecube Finale. The final recording will be much smaller than the cache.

- [Windows only] A graphics card with OpenGL support. The game will now require you to use the OpenGL option in the options  menu. This is because the recorder makes use of specific OpenGL capabilities.

Note those are the same requirements for any screen recorder out there that uses uncompressed frames output as it takes lots of hard drive space really fast. This will enable players to record marble blast videos without the need for FRAPS, Camtasia, Bandicam, Screenflow and others.

Lastly TAS tools are being developed, and this will allow Tool-Assisted Speedrunning of any level frame-by-frame, so that the perfect speedruns can be produced.

Until next time,

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StewMan46's Avatar
StewMan46 replied the topic: #1 01 Mar 2015 12:04
Rampage is now on the SDA website
Eguy's Avatar
Eguy replied the topic: #2 22 Feb 2015 22:40
I had 1900-ish rating 2 days ago, and now I fell to 1847. lol. missed by 3.
TheJoseph98's Avatar
TheJoseph98 replied the topic: #3 18 Feb 2015 18:27
Awesome stuff! I'm excited for new gamemodes and the screen recorder

Love is in the Air! Can We Have a Hug?

Hey folks!

It's that time of year when folks tend to give out cheerful cards and delicious chocolate candies to their secret friends, and we've even gone so far as to reward each of you lovely community members with a very special pair of titles for you to choose from! To get into the February madness, all we ask of you is that you give us a wonderful hug! In order to do so, we ask that you log in to your Marble Blast account on our website and then click on one of the buttons in this news post below to claim your reward! Won't you just please give us a hug?

These achievements will remain active starting today (02/10/15) through next Monday (02/16/15), so claim your reward before they're gone! (Just so there is no confusion, you may claim both achievements.)


Marble Blast Community Manager

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Tristan's Avatar
Tristan replied the topic: #1 12 Feb 2015 06:04
hi happy valatines day lol

The Winter Thaw

Hey all,

We hope you enjoyed the winter update, but its time has finally ended (for better or for worse), and the original hunt Multiplayer levels are now available once again. Ironic, that Marble Blast has thawed right after one of the coldest days of the year so far (at least, for those in the US East).

As well, we hope that our transition to the new site has been smooth for you. There have been some issues regarding in-game connectivity to the leaderboards, with some scripts having longer load times than expected. We will try to address these in the upcoming weeks, but just bear with us for now as we investigate.

Thanks for a great Winter Event, and who knows what may happen around the time of mud season... No promises.

Marble Blast Platinum 1.50 Lead Developer

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Kalle29's Avatar
Kalle29 replied the topic: #1 12 Jan 2015 15:56
haha, the same day we get 20cm of snow.
Frostfire's Avatar
Frostfire replied the topic: #2 12 Jan 2015 13:27
Yaaay, we can finally do normal MP again :)
ProMarbler's Avatar
ProMarbler replied the topic: #3 12 Jan 2015 12:04