Vacation. Sort of.

A couple of months ago I went, on my own accord, to one of Israel’s IDF (Israeli Defense Force) recruitment centers as to begin the process to see whether they want to enlist me in the army, or get an exemption. Last week I’ve received the letter that I will be recruited to the army for a period of six (6) months starting end of October. During the first month I will not be available and the next months thereafter are unknown. While this is happening HiGuy and Aayrl will be taking over, with Jeff, Andrew, Promarbler, Regislian (and Sporlo) to assist them. I am more than certain they will be taking care of the website in my absence and won’t accidentally PQ it, because it will definitely be on purpose if it does happen.

The road-map to my leave has three main projects I would like to work on that pertain to this website:

1) MBP 1.50. We’re expecting final release by the time I have to go. There’s no reason not to.
2) MB Fubar. While it won’t be completed by the time I go, I will definitely help out on it during this time whenever Aayrl needs it.
3) MBG WRR #4. Announcing later this week, prepare your .rec’ing.

I wish to everyone to enjoy your Marble Blasting, I will definitely come when I can and say hi, but until then have an awesome time.
- Matan

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DzemalMBP's Avatar
DzemalMBP replied the topic: #1 04 Aug 2014 20:29
good luck wit dat
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Buzzmusic replied the topic: #2 30 Jul 2014 17:31
Best of luck in the army, Matan.
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Eguy replied the topic: #3 30 Jul 2014 04:00
Best of luck, hope you are successful in your endeavors. MBG WRR#4??? Omg, so excited. Very very unlikely I can whip up a wr. I will try anyway when I return from my trip because I am tenacious.


The Platinum Team will be hosting a live stream of Marble Blast Platinum 1.50 Release Candidate 1, with Matan set to be streaming.
The stream will be happening this Saturday at 3pm EST (GMT -5). A thorough showcase and explanation of 1.50 RC1 is to be expected. You can also ask questions during the stream.

See you all there!
Stream Link:

UPDATE: Stream is now over, and you can watch both parts right here:
Part 1 - RC1 Showcase
Part 2 - RC1 Q&A

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RandomityGuy's Avatar
RandomityGuy replied the topic: #1 21 Jul 2014 14:03
I probably got part 1 of the RC1 Q&A, I will download the second part of it and part 1 of the RC1 Showcase which is incredibly too long.
RC1 Q&A:2/2 parts.Completed
RC1 Showcase 3/7 parts. Downloading Part 4
TheJoseph98's Avatar
TheJoseph98 replied the topic: #2 20 Jul 2014 14:19
meh, I don't even care about PQ anymore, it's been so long since it's first been announced that I just don't care anymore...
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MatthieuParizeau replied the topic: #3 20 Jul 2014 12:48
I can upload it if it's ok with everybody :)

EDIT: Matan PMed me. Never mind :|

Advancements in the Field

Being able to see the development of our knowledge of Marble Blast in the past few years, especially from the standpoint of Platinum and PlatinumQuest, has been a rewarding experience. At the very beginning we had only the knowledge of making levels in the level editor. That soon followed with QuArK, and later on, Constructor and Map2Dif and its various errors. When Alex told to Phil how to make Moving Platforms it was absolutely ground breaking for us, and when we managed to change code so that we could customize Marble Blast it was the beginning of an era.

Since then many things happened: we learned how to modify the GUI (level select was a really tough one), Spy47 created the checkpoint and then the leaderboards and even gave a shot at multiplayer. Many other people then made mods and we’ve seen many community things happen, such as a speedometer, .mis modes and games (tic-tac-toe, minesweeper, and more). PlatinumQuest added even more features and game modes and every time something new comes it just blows my mind. Now with 1.50 having so many new features and multiplayer it is just amazing to see how far we came.

As of recently we have done what was previously thought to be impossible;
Modify the Marble Blast engine.
In Marble Blast Platinum 1.50 Release Candidate 1 we will be adding new files to the root directory of Marble Blast, as well as a new executable. Launching it will overwrite parts of the code of the Marble Blast engine. Be warned: if you’re on Mac, you will need to enter a user/pass to give it access, but only for the first time you run it. Windows will not even need to run it as Administrator.

The modifications implemented are written by the Platinum Team and modify very specific parts:

  • Change the camera in-game so it allows us to fix radar bugging out on gravities which aren’t “normal” i.e. anything non 1 0 0 0.
  • Client container searching (client-side collision)
  • Attempt to fix transfer speed (download/upload levels) and underlying issues in the way the Torque Game Engine handles TCP/UDP objects.
  • Attempt to fix some instances where the game would crash

As of current there are no additional plans, but if we do add anything, we will inform you.

In addition to that there has been some progress in updating the Marble Blast graphics engine, but it is very likely not to be ready in time for 1.50. We are more likely to see it for PlatinumQuest.

We are excited that this is possible and are looking forwards to further modifying the Marble Blast engine.
- Matan and the Platinum Team

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Interactive Website Leaderboards!

Hey folks,

Today we've released a new feature to the website: Interactive Leaderboards! Users may now see the top scoring Marble Blasters directly on the website without even having to log in! You can check it out here! You can even click on a user's name to see all of their Marble Blast statistics and achievements (if you are logged into the website).

In addition to the new Interactive Leaderboards, users may now share and browse other user profiles (not the forum version, the full on Marble Blast Statted goodness version). If you want to show off your profile to your friends, simply click the "Profile" button on the top navigation once logged in, and copy the Share URL from your General Statistics portion of your profile. Please note your friends will have to be logged in to access your profile page.

We hope you enjoy these exciting new elements, and we look forward to improving them as we go along. We'll soon add the ability to sort the leaderboards based on the columns, as well as add a search feature to quickly look up user profiles. So keep your eyes on the forums for any updates regarding the new leaderboards and profile views!


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RandomityGuy's Avatar
RandomityGuy replied the topic: #1 23 Jun 2014 09:18
Good feature.
Marson's Avatar
Marson replied the topic: #2 23 Jun 2014 03:53
Ooh, great feature!

Now featuring less lag, less uptime, lots of levels and even more mosquitoes

Apparently our server PQ’d itself for the last 13 hours, which is unfortunate because our 99.99% uptime is now 98.18%. The original 0.01% was because I wanted to take the server down due to a quick and urgent maintenance. The staff would like to apologize about that and we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused. You can go back to play Multiplayer and give your rating points to Dushine and RC.


More importantly, I won’t stop complaining about the mosquitoes anytime soon either. For those wondering I am now back in Israel (no more Australia [much sad, very tears]) and besides the tasty food, my ping on Multiplayer is better so I’m less laggy (HiGuy and Regislian are a testament). Unfortunately the mosquitoes here are super-fast, whereas their Aussie counterparts are slow as heck. I got bitten in a week more than the last 6-7 years put together, if not 13. The last month itself was super busy, both in Australia and Israel (our staff will agree because I had no time to even tell them I was leaving!) and besides job-hunting I’ve been running throughout the country between several government sites and what not to do lots of registrations. Bureaucracy is lengthy and not fun at all.


One of the best and fastest players in the Marble Blast scene is Blasted Marble, and making levels is something he is pretty good at! Today's update includes Determination Race, a small replayable level which is pretty fun to play, and Revealing the Diamond, another great level which features some original challenges and its own bouncy floor.

Epicperson456 is newer here but made two levels as well. Super Duper There and Back Again where jumping might not be the best idea but knowing you guys you'd speedrun it with super duper lots of it (I'm looking at you, Xelna). Also a first (at least on this site) is a custom level for Marble Blast Emerald! The mod receives a level called Find the Sapphires where you need to find the true Sapphire between over 20 fakes. Could we see more love for this mod and even Advanced?


Now these guys haven't uploaded to the site any levels and while we urge them to do so, you can meanwhile find the levels at the links provided below, all of which point to their custom levels’ topics.

Frostfire who you probably played (and lost to) in Multiplayer made a bunch of unique levels which are a must for anyone to play.

Nathan made a lot of levels which not only look great, but play great.

Avi also made lots of interesting levels which you should check out.

acpascal - no relation to Xelna (unless he is her long lost brother?) made four levels which all seem rather intriguing to play.

m2mm4m - made a single level that requires CLA interiors, and promises not to be one to be beaten easily. You should make more :)


Although he is last on the list when you hear of Buzzmusic you know you are in for a treat, and today is no exception. The young-gun of the Marble Blast scene was very productive the last couple of months and there is a lot to cover. Shifting Corridors is a very interesting level in the way that the corridors keep switching every few seconds. Finding the best path won't be easy! Joining it is Creationism, a challenging level for those who like moving platforms done in a twisted way, Buzzmusic style. And if two levels aren't enough, how about 60 more? Buzzmusic made available almost all of his levels in four downloadable packs: Pack 1, Pack 2, Pack 3 and Pack 4. Go get them!

As some of you might know Buzzmusic has another creative side to him which is music. One of his finer works is Comforting Mystery which is featured in MBP 1.50 as the Online/Leaderboards theme, and he had created a number of soundtracks for PlatinumQuest, all of which I guarantee you are top quality. His YouTube channel is filled with his soundtracks and as of recently he has released his first official Album, Beyond Slumber. This optimistic album is filled with dreamlike elements, and containing lots of instruments and some mystery in the vocals. You can also get it on iTunes, eMusic and Spotify.


Earlier I was talking about speed but just how many of you were fast enough to notice the change of the third image on the front page AND figure out what is up? If you still are confused, then be so no more! Coming in MBP 1.50 RC1 the 60 Marble Blast Ultra levels are being added directly to the leaderboards. With them we will add an old MBP level from a pre-1.00 build and an extra MBG Xbox level, making a total of 62 levels. All MBU levels will be playable with the former GarageGames marble but with plenty more skins to choose from. In addition we will feature a number of new and unique achievements to the MBU levels and of course, their own dedicated leaderboards.

Unlike MBP, in MBU collecting Time Travels, getting a checkpoint and falling off causes the clock to run again when you respawn. Do you want the behavior to stay similar to that of MBU or would you prefer the clock to continue being paused, probably making different paths altogether in some levels? Post your response and we’ll do as the community chooses. A majority vote wins here so think carefully. Remember that it will already be hard to compare due to the different start pad and the fact that the marble in MBP (due to Marble Blast's engine/physics) is faster and lighter than its MBU counterpart.


I will see you all in Multiplayer at some point, and more on the front-page. Which reminds me, I should really upload more videos to my YouTube account.


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StewMan46's Avatar
StewMan46 replied the topic: #1 10 Jun 2014 17:09
What's the MBG Xbox Level?
Kwill's Avatar
Kwill replied the topic: #2 02 Jun 2014 21:59
Why not use the MBU textures for the MBU multiplayer levels?

Also, I agree with Cheepfish. I don't really see the point of having duplicate levels, which most of the mbu levels are. The other ones are either boring beginner levels or have already been beautifully replicated by Andrew Sears. The only exception is Black Diamond,

It's not like having mbu levels will hurt the game, but I'm not very excited for them.
Endy's Avatar
Endy replied the topic: #3 31 May 2014 19:44
I remember back in the old forums that MBU files are illegal to have, like textures etc.

Is that true?