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Hello Marble Blast Users,

It’s been a while since we had major updates to the site. This post is to inform all of you that this weekend (March 1st -> March 3rd) the website will be shut down as we transition our web service to a new host and implement some major updates that have been pending. The major changes include:
- Transitioning to the (new) domain of http://marbleblast.com
- Moving to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which I’ve purchased for us. It should dramatically improve the website and leaderboards load and render times. The entire website and all associated services will be moved to the VPS.
- Upgrade the back-end to ensure all plugins and modules are up to date.
- Adding the Forum Personal Message system to allow users to send personal messages to one another.
- Adding basic functionality support for Marble Blast FUBAR Beta (and possibly an open beta build).
- Attempt to import the Vault topics and fix user post count.
- (Many more, which will not be listed here .. )

As you might have also noticed, 1.14’s leaderboards have been taken down and as of this post, 1.14 is no longer supported by the Platinum Team.
The main reason behind it is that Marble Blast Platinum will be updated to 1.50 Beta 3. With the update we will be migrating 1.14’s database to 1.50. We have removed all cheated times and the odd 1-2 seconds on several levels like Space Station. In addition, the main highlights are:
- Six new Multiplayer levels: Marble City, Playground, Marble It Up, Epicenter, Promontory and Eye of the Storm
- Two dedicated servers, Tsuf Mk 1 and Tsuf Mk 2, will be available in the server list for Multiplayer. Tsuf Mk 1 is a Windows only server (only Windows users can join it), while Tsuf Mk 2 is for Mac and Linux users only. Ends up Linux and Windows users cannot play with each other, but Mac/Linux users can. Go figure. We are aware of the numerous bugs in the dedicated servers, and we are NOT accepting bug reports with regards to them. More information will be available in the patch notes.
- New Single Player level selection UI
- New features including a spawn replay saving system for Multiplayer.
- Numerous bugfixes, including Super Challenges (you can play them now!)
More info will be available in the patch notes upon release, so you should read them as there is a lot.

The final part for this 'update' deals with me. As you all know, I’ve lived in Australia for the last 13 years and it’s been awesome down here. Nonetheless due to unexpected circumstances I will be permanently leaving the country and going back to Israel. I will move back in roughly the middle of May and will not be very active around that time. Once I get back I will go to the army and see what will happen. If the worst case scenario occurs, then I will be leaving this community temporarily for the duration of my enlistment, with a visit every once in a while. I will be sure to give an update once I know more information regarding my situation.

Thanks, and happy Marble Blasting!
Matan and the Marble Blast Staff.

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Regislian's Avatar
Regislian replied the topic: #1 05 Mar 2014 00:45
I, too, wish you the best of luck in Israel. You'll be missed!
Andrew's Avatar
Andrew replied the topic: #2 04 Mar 2014 05:23
Matan, I wish you good luck on your move to Israel. It'll be strange not having you around the forums as often, but I'm sure we'll all manage to adjust. ;)
dushine's Avatar
dushine replied the topic: #3 01 Mar 2014 22:23
Sounds great, looking forward to it! Maybe now my 1.50 will let me log in, it had for a time but no longer.
Sad to hear the news about you moving, can't imagine you leaving, hope it all goes well!

Busy times

I'll start off today's update with a new level from Buzzmusic, Cycle. The level looks really good and is for Marble Blast Gold. Hopefully we don't need checkpoints, buzz ;)

MBP's progress has slowed down thanks to real life getting in the way of development, but we have a fancy new SinglePlayer user interface ready for beta 3. Special thanks to Phil for the design. I've also been talking to Aayrl and HiGuy and figuring out a date for our next major website development checkpoint... again with jobs and university getting in the way trying to find a date has been pretty hard, but I suppose we will have a confirmation relatively soon on a date. Stay tuned for an update of when this happens and what new things it will bring to our website.

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thenavidude's Avatar
thenavidude replied the topic: #1 10 Feb 2014 17:30
Good job MB team!!!!!

Can't download enough

Buzzmusic releases a new level, Autonomous!
Marblemaster1 has uploaded his Advent Calendar in three parts, split in December 3-9, 10-15 and 16-25 (includes RDs.Empire special level). People loved his advent calendar, so go and get them. On a related note, I should download them too.

The main news, however come from the Platinum Team!
After a few weeks in development, the Platinum Team is happy to present Marble Blast Platinum 1.50 Beta 2.0!
Many users have given us feedback and reported numerous bugs and crashes, and the new build fixes many of them.
New additions were made and should improve gameplay greatly.

Go download HERE!
Please note that Windows and Mac downloads now come with ignition files pre-installed, so you don't have to worry about manually installing MBP. That said we are also providing alternative downloads for those who wish to manually install.
Another bonus is an alternative download link for every download (directs to mega.co.nz) in case the site download fails.

Multiplayer texture resources have also been added to the bottom of the page and those contain all textures used in MBP 1.50 (final version) in Multiplayer.

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Battlecube314's Avatar
Battlecube314 replied the topic: #1 31 Jan 2014 03:29
1.50 Beta 2.0 is definitely better than Beta 1.5 -- lots of bug fixes =)
zemroff's Avatar
zemroff replied the topic: #2 30 Jan 2014 22:03
1.50 beta 2.0??? maybe this one will finally work and not just a black screen! :D
elnathan's Avatar
elnathan replied the topic: #3 26 Jan 2014 02:37
Yay custom textures :D Love the random textures, they add so much to a level.

We're popular!

With the bots, at least.
We found out we got 15k registrations (15,001!!) with bots, and that might have been why the site been acting so slowly. Besides the registrations disabled for a while, if you registered on our site from the 11th of January and your account is unactivated... your account is now deleted. We also deleted a large number (~250) users that were registered and activated (more bots), but we have a sneaking suspicion a few legit accounts were deleted as well. In our defense they looked really suspicious.

If you wish to register with us, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hopefully performance slightly improves. By 400%*.
- the MarbleBlast.com staff

*Actual improvement may be 200-1000%.

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Kasper's Avatar
Kasper replied the topic: #1 26 Jan 2014 06:05
When I try to download the new MBP, it says "marbleblast.exe has stopped working."
ProMarbler's Avatar
ProMarbler replied the topic: #2 24 Jan 2014 10:48
I should mention that the mega.co.nz sites don't work on my Mac, because it requires updated browsers, which I don't and can't possibly have.
IsraeliRD's Avatar
IsraeliRD replied the topic: #3 23 Jan 2014 19:27
Haha damn, I thought my 29.3 seconds yesterday would've been the record. Then again lately the forums were 1-2 seconds for me even on the bigger topics.

New content!

While the new site is awesome and we offer a lot of downloads, I think this is a good time to cover downloadable content for Marble Blast. Some of you might have noticed under the Downloads button an Upload option. This allows you to upload new content to the site under many categories, from levels, various shapes and skyboxes and other extras.

We want to keep the content exclusive to Marble Blast, so please don't submit content from other games. If you have screenshots, please upload them as well because it helps users determine whether they want to download what you submit. In addition, please don't submit levels from before 2014 as we have the CLA upcoming which includes all the levels. The exception are levels you have never released before.

Our first submissions are:
- Sporlo submitted his old 24 MBG levels, all in the level editor
- Buzzmusic submitted his first 2014 level, Escalating Hazards


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brandondorf9999's Avatar
brandondorf9999 replied the topic: #1 21 Jan 2014 16:45
It does not matter if it comes from another game or not. It's just new content to be added to Marble Blast because they haven't been in a game for a while.
StewMan46's Avatar
StewMan46 replied the topic: #2 10 Jan 2014 18:24
Yay! New content!!
Sporlo's Avatar
Sporlo replied the topic: #3 10 Jan 2014 03:27
Thanks Aayrl!