We're popular!

With the bots, at least.
We found out we got 15k registrations (15,001!!) with bots, and that might have been why the site been acting so slowly. Besides the registrations disabled for a while, if you registered on our site from the 11th of January and your account is unactivated... your account is now deleted. We also deleted a large number (~250) users that were registered and activated (more bots), but we have a sneaking suspicion a few legit accounts were deleted as well. In our defense they looked really suspicious.

If you wish to register with us, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hopefully performance slightly improves. By 400%*.
- the MarbleBlast.com staff

*Actual improvement may be 200-1000%.

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Kasper's Avatar
Kasper replied the topic: #1 26 Jan 2014 06:05
When I try to download the new MBP, it says "marbleblast.exe has stopped working."
ProMarbler's Avatar
ProMarbler replied the topic: #2 24 Jan 2014 10:48
I should mention that the mega.co.nz sites don't work on my Mac, because it requires updated browsers, which I don't and can't possibly have.
IsraeliRD's Avatar
IsraeliRD replied the topic: #3 23 Jan 2014 19:27
Haha damn, I thought my 29.3 seconds yesterday would've been the record. Then again lately the forums were 1-2 seconds for me even on the bigger topics.

New content!

While the new site is awesome and we offer a lot of downloads, I think this is a good time to cover downloadable content for Marble Blast. Some of you might have noticed under the Downloads button an Upload option. This allows you to upload new content to the site under many categories, from levels, various shapes and skyboxes and other extras.

We want to keep the content exclusive to Marble Blast, so please don't submit content from other games. If you have screenshots, please upload them as well because it helps users determine whether they want to download what you submit. In addition, please don't submit levels from before 2014 as we have the CLA upcoming which includes all the levels. The exception are levels you have never released before.

Our first submissions are:
- Sporlo submitted his old 24 MBG levels, all in the level editor
- Buzzmusic submitted his first 2014 level, Escalating Hazards


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brandondorf9999's Avatar
brandondorf9999 replied the topic: #1 21 Jan 2014 16:45
It does not matter if it comes from another game or not. It's just new content to be added to Marble Blast because they haven't been in a game for a while.
StewMan46's Avatar
StewMan46 replied the topic: #2 10 Jan 2014 18:24
Yay! New content!!
Sporlo's Avatar
Sporlo replied the topic: #3 10 Jan 2014 03:27
Thanks Aayrl!

MBP 1.50 Beta 1.5

MBP 1.50 Beta 1.5 has been launched for Windows and Mac. No installers for Windows this time, but there is one for Mac. No universal binary due to no PPC support for installer at this point in time.
Windows users: Follow the instructions set out in the download. If you already have Beta 1, delete platinumbeta directory and main.cs and extract the new ones in their place. Don't think about overwriting files because we changed a fair bit of them.

Please note that we would like all of you to help us hunt down the bugs. The console.log will display errors during MultiPlayer gameplay when you play with others, including where the CRC fails. We would like you to send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. these console.log files so we can figure out what is going on. We would like to remind people that using Ctrl+T will make the trace mode come on. During trace mode the console.log will spam a lot of debug data which we will use to figure out why some bugs occur. Please note that it's preferable if you only give it short bursts because it will crash your game if you leave it on for too long. Start the trace before you kickstart the bug you want to show us, and stop it a bit after the bug occurs.

Also, it is recommended that you compress your trace logs (zip/7z recommended), as they can become quite large very quickly.
Remember for Multiplayer you need to port forward port 28000. Check out http://portforward.com/ if you need help.

Bugs fixed in this beta:
- Server should be faster due to less queries. We hope so.
- Multiplayer now ignores any CRC errors encountered, and allows you to join others.
- Spectator mode now hides gems on radar
- Multiplayer screen only selecting the first server
- Fixed only 10 scores appearing in SP leaderboards
- Displaying usernames instead of display names in many cases
- Sort of fixed webchat. Not completely, but progress++
- "Cancel" button on joining server
- Double users (webchat and ingame) acting buggy
- Sorting the server list rearranging the icons
- Way too much server pinging
- Dedicated/incorrect passwords not working
- Spectator Mode no longer requires double clicking between matches

the Platinum Team

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IsraeliRD's Avatar
IsraeliRD replied the topic: #1 28 Jan 2014 05:40
Try and download from the alternative download links we provided in Beta 2.
predamonk's Avatar
predamonk replied the topic: #2 20 Jan 2014 00:07
I, too, get the following error when trying to open/extract 1.50:

! C:\Users\Beckie\Downloads\marble_blast_platinum_1.50_beta_1.5_-_windows.zip: Unexpected end of archive

I have been trying to get this game to work since the day of release, to no avail.
Ayoub's Avatar
Ayoub replied the topic: #3 19 Jan 2014 18:39
When I download MBP 1.50, I can't extract it. It says either: Unexpected end of archive or Cannnot open this file. I'm using Windows 7. Please help!!!!!!

Be gentle, this is my first time too.

I remember when we played around with the idea of modifying the main forum skin of the previous Marble Blast Forums. The staff discussed this for months and was unable to decide on something that would look good. Drafts came and went by as we kept changing the layout. Eventually plans fell through, procrastination arrived and nothing came out of it.
When we got the domain name of the website to our hands in 2012, we had an idea of creating a brand new website dedicated to Marble Blast, and not just forums. But if we couldn’t decide on a forum’s skin, how can we tackle a task much bigger than that?

I want to give massive shoutouts to Aayrl, HiGuy, Sam, Phil, Jeff and Perishingflames for helping us make this website come true, and to Kevin Ryan for giving us, the Marble Blast community, this very domain name.
Big shoutouts to both Pro Marbler and Sporlo who helped us copy all the data from the previous Marble Blast Forums into the new one. All the posts and threads will be available on the new forums.

What you are seeing right now would be impossible without all these people, so right before you rush to the shiny new MBP 1.50 Beta 1, the new Forums or anywhere else, please take the time to comment here with your thanks to these guys.
I also want to thank YOU for being here with us. We could not have had the motivation to do all this without you. Whether you make a level, a mod, or just post spam, we could not have been here if it wasn’t for you.

Onto the main course!
The new website contains many features and as we continue developing in the upcoming months, more features will be completed. Let’s start explaining!
You probably noticed the top bar; this will be able to direct you to many of this site’s features including the forums, downloadable custom levels and mods, extras and more.

This news section is going to play a pivotal role by replacing our normal announcements board. Be sure to check here frequently on latest news from both the Marble Blast world and the outside. We will have a number of people who will be able to post news, so you won’t get tired of me. Lucky you.
Accounts created on this website now act globally; you may use them to upload custom levels, comment on news posts, levels and more. They will be used as your forum account as well as your Leaderboards account. Your profile section will include relevant info pertaining to the many sections of this website.

The forums themselves have been revamped. We moved to a different type of forums that allow us much more control and customization than ProBoards. We’re still working things out, but it’s pretty nifty so far. The Vault/Archives have been removed and will now be available via CVS format for your browsing pleasure. New topics to be trimmed will be moved to a brand new Vault/Archives section.

We also have a featured section, for both levels and videos so you can play and watch some of the best this community has to offer. We will also have a regular poll which is pretty neat. Additionally you will be able to get to the latest and most popular topics of the forums from the left side as well as check out some statistics.
Lastly we built a custom level uploader where one can upload his/her custom levels and others can comment, favorite and rate. You can also browse uploaded custom levels and of course download the CLA (Custom Levels Archive) once it is uploaded in the upcoming weeks.

We hope you will enjoy the new website, and please give us feedback and suggestions with regards to it. We strive to make this website the best it can be.

- Matan and the MarbleBlast.com staff

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