Upcoming releases

The Platinum Team is proud to announce that the next version of Marble Blast Platinum will be named Release Candidate 1 instead of Beta 4. This version will include all the levels (Advanced/Expert MBP, DC/Level Packs, Multiplayer) and all features that were implemented in MBP 1.50.
There are dozens of additions and bugfixes already happening so it's going to be worth the wait. As always submit to us any bugs you find!

In addition the MarbleBlast.com Staff are happy to announce a new feature to the website: the Shop. In it you can purchase packs and bundles to unlock special items in Marble Blast Platinum and Marble Blast Fubar.
Purchasing uses a Credits system where every $1 you donate towards the site will give you 100 credits to use in the shop. Depending on your level (Supporter, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) you will receive a varying amount of free credits every month.

The shop will be released alongside MBP 1.50 RC1. We do not have release dates as of yet.

- The MarbleBlast.com Staff and the Platinum Team

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Jeff's Avatar
Jeff replied the topic: #1 10 May 2014 15:01

Just use the alternative download link like Regislian stated. That is in fact a website glitch, and has happened ever since the beginnings of time on this site. If you need further assistance, just ask.
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StewMan46 replied the topic: #2 08 May 2014 07:11
You also have to be logged in to download stuff :P
Regislian's Avatar
Regislian replied the topic: #3 05 May 2014 21:36
Well, u can also download it from the Alternative download link. U can find this at the end of the text below the download.

Totally not late

Okay I am late. Like weeks or even a month late. Totally not because I'm lazy or forgetful or unproductive.
Thankfully these guys aren't as lazy as I am:

StewMan created Parhelion and One Way Racetrack, though there is an old custom level called Parhelion so don't get confused between the two. Both are for Marble Blast Gold. He also went ahead and made a few marbles for your enjoyment. UPDATE: One Way Racetrack now has the mission file.

Buzzmusic provided us with Ultimate Flight for MBG as well. This one is even taller than TTotTS but much easier.

brandondorf9999 has a chime variation to the help trigger. Lastly avi also created custom marbles so check them out!

Enjoy everything and here's for me for (hopefully) not having excuses on the next update.
- Matan

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RandomityGuy's Avatar
RandomityGuy replied the topic: #1 16 Apr 2014 08:14

NexusCraft12 wrote:
I have an idea. If you can add controller support to the game?

It has.(I just tested it with you)
But there is no button bonded for blasting.
NexusCraft12's Avatar
NexusCraft12 replied the topic: #2 14 Apr 2014 14:20
I have an idea. If you can add controller support to the game?
IsraeliRD's Avatar
IsraeliRD replied the topic: #3 11 Apr 2014 09:32
Updated post with the latest version, now with OWRacetrack's mission file.

MBP 1.50 Beta 3 is out!

After two months in development, the Platinum Team is happy to present Marble Blast Platinum 1.50 Beta 3!

The new beta build includes new dedicated servers so if you cannot host due to port forwarding issues, then you can simply join them. Main gameplay changes in multiplayer relate to weaker blast and mega marble.
Overall we have over 20 major additions and 60 fixes so there is plenty to check out in the new Beta.

We would like to thank many users who submitted bugs/errors and console.log files as it helped us a lot.

Download the beta HERE!
Please note that Windows and Mac downloads have ignition files pre-installed, so you don't have to worry about manually installing MBP. We are providing alternative downloads for those who wish to manually install. If the website download fails please try out the alternative download links (directs to mega.co.nz).

Happy Marble Blasting,
The Platinum Team

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Ralph's Avatar
Ralph replied the topic: #1 08 Apr 2014 17:01
I just want to keep my sounds!
m0nty0's Avatar
m0nty0 replied the topic: #2 05 Apr 2014 18:10
Woo! Can't wait to play it. I'll be posting plenty of videos reviewing and Let's Play-ing the Beta.
lxgenda's Avatar
lxgenda replied the topic: #3 05 Apr 2014 03:26
squish yo.

Website Changes and Free Achievement!

Hey folks,

We've spent the past few days working hard to fix a lot of the issues on our website and server to help improve your Marble Blasting experience.

Firstly, we've moved WebChat to it's own dedicated section on the site. We made this change to hopefully reduce duplicate sessions and chat confusion while users were browsing the home page and forums. To replace Webchat on the Home Page and Forums, we've added the old Shoutbox that was used on the Under Construction page (some of you may remember from back in January).

We are also pleased to announce a Private Messaging system has been implemented on our website. Registered users may now send private messages back and forth to stay in touch. Users also have the ability to create contact lists or friend groups, allowing members to easily send out a private message to a group of friends or a group of developers working together on a single project.

Finally, we are happy to announce the launch of our Website Achievement system! Active participation in forum threads and helpful contributions to website content will earn you more achievements and in turn more achievement points. In the future, you will be able to unlock new features on the website and (possibly) in some of the Marble Blast mods. (These unlocks may include colored usernames, custom VIP marble skins, extra downloadable content, etc.) More information about the Achievement Reward system will be announced when the structure is finalized.

Lastly, I'd like to provide a list of all of the changes that were implemented during the downtime this weekend:

- Transitioned our website from the 'innacurate.com' host to a NEW domain, hosted on our very own VPS.
- Upgraded all of our back-end services, ensuring all plugins, modules and components were up to date.
- Imported all of the Vault posts (as best as we could) from the old forums into our site.
- Post Counts were adjusted to reflect the imported Vault Posts. User Post Counts should reflect (roughly) the number of posts you had on the previous forums.
- Implemented Website Achievements
- Installed the Forum Private Messaging system. You can access your Private Messages by clicking the 'Private Messages' tab on the forums, or by selecting 'Private Messages' from your Profile page or the Profile dropdown menu.
- Removed the 'Users Online' module from all pages.
- Added a 'Edit Forum Profile' link under the Profile dropdown menu. Please note your Forum Profile contains your social media urls, avatar, and forum signature, while your traditional profile allows you to modify your username, password, email, and username color (if enabled).
- Added the Shoutbox from the 'Website Under Construction' page to the bottom of the Home Page and the Forums with History Log buttons.
- Removed WebChat from the Home Page and Forum Page.
- Added a WebChat link to the top navigation, accessible only by logged-in users. WebChat (as a result) now has it's own dedicated page to help reduce duplicate user sessions and compatibility issues with other portions of the website.
- Created new Rating icons, and restricted downloads ratings to registered users only.
- Created a new MarbleBlast.com Logo.
- Removed the 'Powered by Gantry' logo from the bottom of every page.
- Implemented the 'Community Highlights' feature on the home page, showcasing new and popular content.
- Updated the Sponsors page, adding several entries and removing one entry.
- The Front News Page now shows a maximum of two articles, down from four.
- Removed the 'Text Size' toggle at the bottom of every page.
- Added a Donate button to user profiles. Donators are automatically flagged for account upgrades and will receive exclusive content and beta access upon reaching certain tiers of donation thresholds. More information about the Donation system will be announced later this week.



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nate's Avatar
nate replied the topic: #1 28 Mar 2014 23:09
whirligig's Avatar
whirligig replied the topic: #2 05 Mar 2014 20:58
If you're not logged in and you hit the button, you need to log in, then go back and hit the button again to get the achievement, at least in my experience.
dushine's Avatar
dushine replied the topic: #3 04 Mar 2014 16:28
Thanks for the update! Can't wait for the achievements, and Beta 3! :D

Updates across all walks of life

Hello Marble Blast Users,

It’s been a while since we had major updates to the site. This post is to inform all of you that this weekend (March 1st -> March 3rd) the website will be shut down as we transition our web service to a new host and implement some major updates that have been pending. The major changes include:
- Transitioning to the (new) domain of http://marbleblast.com
- Moving to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which I’ve purchased for us. It should dramatically improve the website and leaderboards load and render times. The entire website and all associated services will be moved to the VPS.
- Upgrade the back-end to ensure all plugins and modules are up to date.
- Adding the Forum Personal Message system to allow users to send personal messages to one another.
- Adding basic functionality support for Marble Blast FUBAR Beta (and possibly an open beta build).
- Attempt to import the Vault topics and fix user post count.
- (Many more, which will not be listed here .. )

As you might have also noticed, 1.14’s leaderboards have been taken down and as of this post, 1.14 is no longer supported by the Platinum Team.
The main reason behind it is that Marble Blast Platinum will be updated to 1.50 Beta 3. With the update we will be migrating 1.14’s database to 1.50. We have removed all cheated times and the odd 1-2 seconds on several levels like Space Station. In addition, the main highlights are:
- Six new Multiplayer levels: Marble City, Playground, Marble It Up, Epicenter, Promontory and Eye of the Storm
- Two dedicated servers, Tsuf Mk 1 and Tsuf Mk 2, will be available in the server list for Multiplayer. Tsuf Mk 1 is a Windows only server (only Windows users can join it), while Tsuf Mk 2 is for Mac and Linux users only. Ends up Linux and Windows users cannot play with each other, but Mac/Linux users can. Go figure. We are aware of the numerous bugs in the dedicated servers, and we are NOT accepting bug reports with regards to them. More information will be available in the patch notes.
- New Single Player level selection UI
- New features including a spawn replay saving system for Multiplayer.
- Numerous bugfixes, including Super Challenges (you can play them now!)
More info will be available in the patch notes upon release, so you should read them as there is a lot.

The final part for this 'update' deals with me. As you all know, I’ve lived in Australia for the last 13 years and it’s been awesome down here. Nonetheless due to unexpected circumstances I will be permanently leaving the country and going back to Israel. I will move back in roughly the middle of May and will not be very active around that time. Once I get back I will go to the army and see what will happen. If the worst case scenario occurs, then I will be leaving this community temporarily for the duration of my enlistment, with a visit every once in a while. I will be sure to give an update once I know more information regarding my situation.

Thanks, and happy Marble Blasting!
Matan and the Marble Blast Staff.

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Regislian's Avatar
Regislian replied the topic: #1 05 Mar 2014 00:45
I, too, wish you the best of luck in Israel. You'll be missed!
Andrew's Avatar
Andrew replied the topic: #2 04 Mar 2014 05:23
Matan, I wish you good luck on your move to Israel. It'll be strange not having you around the forums as often, but I'm sure we'll all manage to adjust. ;)
dushine's Avatar
dushine replied the topic: #3 01 Mar 2014 22:23
Sounds great, looking forward to it! Maybe now my 1.50 will let me log in, it had for a time but no longer.
Sad to hear the news about you moving, can't imagine you leaving, hope it all goes well!